Israel Does Not Discriminate Based On Religion

26 08 2010

Israel does not discriminate based on religion, they kill all palestinians equally. If you are a palestinian, fret not,If you are a Muslim, Christian or Jew, Israel will opress, and exteminete you just the same. Israel doesn’t just hate muslims, they hate brown skin middle eastern people too. The village of Bedouin has been demolished repeatedly and they are Jewish palestinians. Israeli Jews believe they are the master race acording to a former prime minister of Israel (Even though they arent a race, well they’re caucasian if that counts). and as a master race they want to get rid of anyone in palestine who isn’t one of them. thier goal is simple, to stuggle towards a palestine free of anyone who isn’t white and jewish. This has Been thier goal since Isrrael was aestablished as a jewish State, to obtain all the land of palestine, and get rid of all the palestinians. Isn’t this a wonderful thing that the US government supports. yes your tax dollars are going towards sending  weapons of mass destruction to israel,for the noble purpose of genocide.


Global Warming: Not Gore’s Theory

24 08 2010

The topic of global warming didnt seem to debate util Al Gore made a documentary about it. It seem that since Gore made the documentary, all republicans have tried to say that its a rediculous theory and is’t very likely. First of all it isn’t Al gore’s theory, or a new one at that. As a matter of fact it isn’t a theory, since all evidence point to it being a reality. I was learning about global warming in 7th grade, I am 34 now, so the Idea has been around since before anyone knew who Gore was. Some people have argued that it is just natuaral, mainly Manufacturers, oil companies, and the people who invest in these corporations. so, the hole in the ozone layer is natural? speaking of a rediculous theory. The temperatures on this planet have been increasing at an alarming rate since industrialization began. If I was a corporation that was poluting the air, i would eny global warming too, because I would be too cheap to equip my factories with the necessary equipment to lower emissions. This I dea that All the polluting we do has no affect on our planet is preposterous. we can keep denying that were destroying the planet and ensure its destruction, or we can start doing something before it’s too late.

Mass Hysteria In America :Manufacturing an Enemy

23 08 2010

In the history of the United states there Has always been a group of people labeled as the enemy, in both peacetime and in war. The government has always manufactured fear and hatred towards a praticular group of people in orderto heard its citizens into accepting thier political agenda. First it was the Injuns, then it was the limeys, then it was the blacks, then the Jews, then the Japs and the Krauts, then it was the comunists, Now it’s Muslims Mexicans and Liberals. There has always been some kind of propaganda that labled some group as a menace in order to keep the people of america divided. A people divided is easy to control, a united people is a threat to that control. This has Been the approach of the Rich elite since the days of the colonies. Racial hatred was manufactured to divide poor whites Indians and free blacks( yees in colonial America there were free blacks) to eliminate the threat that they might unite against The rich, tyrranical land owners,and over throw them. This  conditioning of dividing hate has continued throughout the history of the nation. Right now that manufactured hate has returned. Now with  a powerful news media, that is controled by the government(Mainly the right) thas made theis process simple. Not only is this  Machinery of  Hysteria Useful for dividing the people, It is also very Useful as a smoke screen to divert the attention from Important topics, praticulary the two unjust wars that Our nation is involved in. Currently this weapon has been deployed towards Illegal Imigrants and Muslims. The controversy of the Arizona Imigration Law was used as a soke screen to cover over the Issue of the wikileaks realease of war documents of the Iraq and Afgahnistan wars. The latest incident of mass hysteria is the false controversy over the so called “Ground zero Mosque”, wich is neither a mosque or on ground zero. as well as protests against mosques being built in other parts of the country. Labeling Muslims as the enemy has two advantages. One, It will help to destroy the Value of the constitution. Two, It will take the focus away from the wars, and the Unconstitutional politics of Washington. Giving into hatred is giving into the true enemy, The rogue politicians that have been controlling this country before it was a country. America, it is time to take the green pill

SIDS: Will It Ever Be Preventable?

21 08 2010

   this post is different then most of my articles, which are usualy about Politics or Religion. The reason I am writing about SIDS  is because it is a very personal subject for me. Recently a friendof my girlfriend’s lost here baby to SIDS. It Brought alot of feelings about my nephew who also died of Sids. Mason and his twin sister Kylee  were born almost seven years ago. Mason was the healthier of the two.Mason had never been hospitalized for anything, while Kylee was ill often, and was in the hospital frequently. Shortly after the twins were born, my sister had to return to work. the twins were enrolled in day care. One day my sister got a frantic call from the daycare center. Mason had stoped breathing for no apparent reason. They Believe that Mason stopped breathing right after he was put down to sleep. The day care people check the babies every 30 minutes. When they went to check on Mason he was blue and wasn’t Breathing. His heart had been stopped for at least a half hour before the paramedics arrived on the scene. Some how they were able to revive him and put him on life support. When he was examined by the doctor in the ER, It was determined that he was brain dead. Mason was 4 months old. My Sister and my brother wer faced with the decision of whether or not to pull the plug. They decided to pull the plug because they no he was not really alive. The only good to come out of this is that maybe his death will help forward research on SIDS. Maybee one day they will figure out the cause of Sids. If they determin the cause maybe they can prevent it so that other families don’t have to suffer the way we have suffered.

Ground Zero Mosque?

19 08 2010

 Right now if you turn on the news all you hear about is people protesting the Building of the “Ground zero mosque”. First of all, what they are going to build is not a Mosque. A mosque can only be used for the purpose of prayer and worship. What is going to be built is an Islamic cultural center. It will provide cooking classes, basketball courts, a Gym and other services, and the top floor will be a prayer space for Muslims. Even if it was a mosque, what threat does worship services have?

    Secondly lets talk about the location. First the media said it was on ground zero, then they said it was two and a half blocks from Ground zero. Niether of which is true. It is Two and a half blocks from the east edge of the world trade center complex, which is composed of atleast a dozen buildings. In reality, the location of the proposed Culture center is more than 5 blocks from ground zero. There are several actual mosques much closer to Ground Zero. one of which is less than a block away . I dont see anyone protestig at those locations. There is no excuse for these people to sit there with signs that say things Like Jesus hates Muslims. Jesus doesn’t hate any one, and If he did it wouldn’t be Muslims. Muslims revere Jesus as much, if not more than christians do. There is more about Jesus in the Koran then there is in the Holy Bible. All of which is positive.The majority of the Protesters are right wing Christians, and Republicans. One of the  main opponets of the Islamic culture center is Pat Robertson, A man who has lost all credibility. To be truthful none of the protesters are true christians at all. To be a Christian is to walk in the foots steps of Jesus. To live according to his teachngs and to love as he loved . These people show none of those  things. They need to stop using Jeesus as a platforf for preaching hate. This is the USA and every one should be able to practice religion, regardless of what religion it is  without being Harrassed and disrespected. It is so Un-American to behave the way this protestors are be having. If you want to protest against something, protest against American foriegn Policy.

Peace to all.

The truth about Israel

11 08 2010

This first video is a speach given By A Jewish Israeli Historian

The World Police

8 08 2010

   Recently the united states began drafting a nuclear treaty with Vietnam, that will allow them to enrich Uranium and have a civillian nuclear energy program,yet we deny the same to Iran. What’s up with that? We are allowing a country that we were once at war with have a nuclear energy program, yet we deny it to Iran, a country that we were never at war with. Maybe its because Israel  doesn’t hate on Vietnam, and doesn’t like Iran.

  Now lets focus on the middle east. We will not allow any country in the middle east except Israel, to have even a civillian nuclear energy program. Yet we allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons. This is such a double standard. We go around telling everyone what they can or can’t do, like we’re the police. We are not the world police, and we need to stop acting like it. We allow our allies do anything they want, Including civil rights violations, and genocide, while denying countries  that we dont like the ability to even sustain themselves.   Yet we wonder why half the world hates us. The United states government needs to practice what they preach. Stop trying to be the world police.

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