Bill O’reily’s denial of Racism in America is half Baked.

24 06 2015

By Christopher Jay Thompson

Bill O’Reilly Is constantly trying to Deny that racism doesn’t exist in America because we have a black president. Recently on a Fox news segment, in the wake of the Charleston shooting, Mister O’Reilly Attempts to Explain to Guest, Kirsten Powers why There is no longer Racism in this country. When ms, powers stated that she did think racism existed in this country, and didn’t Know why he was denying it , O’Reilly said “Because I don’t think there is an epidemic of racism, I don’t think it’s ingrained in society and every country has racist elements in it. ”  O’Reilly contradicted himself in the same sentence. Bill, So what is it, is there no racism in America or is there racist elements in “every” country? It can’t be both.

His other Guest, Monica Crowley, backs O’Reilly up by stating that Institutionalized racism does not exist in this Country. You could have fooled me. I have seen it countless times when one black guy walking down the street is pulled over by the cops. in a matter of seconds, 4 other cops show up. Every time I was stopped, only one police car ever showed up. This is an example of both institutionalized racism and white privilege, 2 things O’Reilly says doesn’t exist. Pretty funny coming From one of the most privileged whites around.

Monica Crowley goes on to say “You have people on the far left who believe that this is a nation that was founded on genocide, theft, and slavery.” Believe? I’m pretty sure that Killing of the native Americans to steal their land, constitutes genocide and theft. Was there also no Slavery? This Kind of denial is not productive. It is this very culture of denial-ism that allowed these horrible atrocities to happen in the first place. When people deny that something is happening, they do nothing to change it.

Crowley goes on to claim that the left is trying to bring down America. How is admitting our faults and working to change those faults take down America? If anything it would make the rest of the world have more respect for us, and would set an example for the rest of the world to follow. O’Reilly, after making the ridiculous statement that liberals are trying to destroy America, Kirsten powers said that she didn’t understand what they were talking about. He then said that she wasn’t paying attention to what was happening. Pretty ironic coming from someone who is denying America’s racism problem shortly after a racially motivated shooting. Of course O’Reilly is on a tv station that is full of racially insensitive rhetoric.

Bill comes up with this list of how we are overcoming the history of slavery and racism. One of the Items is “entitlements.”First of All I hate when they call them entitlements. They aren’t entitlements they are benefits that help those in need. Secondly what does a welfare system set up in the 1930s, which had mostly white people in mid, at a time when Blacks were second class citizens have anything to do with making up for Slavery, segregation and racism. Unfortunately Bill O’Reilly seldom makes any sense, nor do many other Fox News hosts.

O’Reilly makes a statement that racists are a lunatic fringe. Powers then says “It’s not a fringe, a lot of people are racist in this country. Then O’Reilly throws out the old straw man argument Fox News is famous for and claims Kirsten powers said most of Americans are racist. Twisting people’s words to discredit them doesn’t work, it only discredit you and makes you look stupid. then he goes back to the ridiculous statement of how all other countries have racism, once again discrediting his claim that racism doesn’t exist in America.

Monica Crowley then puts her 2 cents in saying, “When you hear people running down America as a racist country, or we’re Sexist, or Homophobic or whatever their argument dijor is,  these are sweeping indictments of America, Comes from an Ideology of the far left.’ Instead of being in denial that there is racism , sexism, and homophobia in America, so we can claim that America is the greatest country on Earth, we should Acknowledge it, change it and make America the country we claim it is.


Quit Talibaning Around and Bring our Troops Home

14 05 2011

by Christopher Jay Thompson

These damn hypocritical politicians are pissing me off. When we first went into Afghanistan the politicians said we had 2 goals, To get Bin laden  and to rid Afghanistan of Al Qaeda. Well, Bin laden is dead, and there are probably only 20 al Qaeda left in that god forsaken place. They need to bring our soldiers home. And I don’t mean ending it like the way Obama ended the Iraq war, which  was to leave most of the troops over there and call it something else besides war. You can call a dog a cat, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t really a dog.

     Now these jerk offs are saying that we shouldn’t leave until the Job is done.What job is that? The job that Bush swore that we weren’t going to do, nation building? And of course Obama is going to go along with it because all he is Bush version 2.0.  Democrats are just Republicans with higher IQs. We did not go in there to  overthrow the Taliban. Why don’t they tell us the real reason the troops aren’t coming home? The real reason we aren’t leaving is because there is trillions of dollars worth of Iron ore under that country.

When is America going to wake up from Their tv induced coma and realize what is really going on.  We keep falling for the same lies over and over again. We have been there almost 10 years. Are we trying to stay there another 10 years? We are not the world police. Bin laden is dead, and so is our government’s alibi.  Game over.

8 Ridiculous Arguments Against global Warming

1 05 2011

 By Christopher Jay Thompson



On the website for the American Policy Round Table there was an article called 8 arguments against global warming. This information was supplied by  the Heartland Institute. Before we delve into the contents of that  article, let’s examine what the Heartland institute is. It claims to be a Non-profit research and education organization. Yet, what they really are is a corporate funded media lobbyist group. Some of their  Biggest contributors have been Exxon, Wal-Mart and Philip Morris. So you coul imagine the credibility of an organization that is funded by corporate money.

     So let us now turn our attention to the 8 Arguments against global warming:

1) Most Scientists do not think human activity is responsible for global warming and there is no convincing evidence.

this is false. They refer to the Oregon petition as proof of their statement. As is turns out the Oregon petition is a Fabrication. So there goes that argument.

2) The most reliable sources say there is no data that shows a trend in warming.

False.  NASA says there is a definite trend in warming according to satellite data. I guess they don’t consider NASA a reliable source. But the oil companies are? I guess NASA is a part of this sinister global conspiracy.

3) Global climate computer models are too crude to predict future climate changes. scientists have also cheated by tweaking the numbers.

False. Although models of the 1990s were rather crude, current models are rather complex. As far as the Question of their acuracy, they are not a magic window into the future. there is no crystal ball.

The accusations of the scientists cheating, there is no evidence to support such a claim. I am curious who there sources(Exxon) are. This argument sounds like more conspiracy theory.

4) IPCC did not prove that human activities are causing global warming.

Yes they have.


5)A modest amount of global warming is good for the environment and beneficial to the natural world.

False- First of all I don’t even know what they consider modest. If the global temperature  rises 5  degrees we are toast. Even a 1 or 2 degree rise in global temperature could have serious ramifications. Remember we are talking about global temperature, not regional temperatures.

6) Efforts to reduce green house gasses would be costly and wouldn’t stop the climate from changing.

You have got to be kidding. It would be costly? I think the Fortune 500 companies that are  polluting the most can afford it.

The claim that we can’t do anything about it is just irresponsible. Is is saying”well, we probably can’t stop the climate from changing,so lets just pollute till our heart’s content”.

7) Efforts by state governments  to reduce emissions would be expensive and would bust state budgets.

this falls under the nobody knows for sure category. Yes, the measures would be expensive. But to say that they know for sure that it will bust state budgets is a rash statement. Apparently the Heartland Institute can see into the future. 

8) The best strategy to pursue is “no regrets”. Make no drastic changes. Invest in atmospheric research. Investments should only be made if they are economically viable.

So not true. This one needs no commentary.


Well there we have it. Notice how the  arguments contradict one another . They keep shifting from it isn’t real, to humans don’t cause it, to its a good thing,to noting can be done about it. I think the credibility of the Heartland Institute has gone down the toilet.

God hates HighSchool

14 04 2011

The nuts at westboro are at it again, now protesting outside of highschools. Is there any limit to their madness?

Forgotten History: The 1954 U.S. invasion of Guatemala

3 04 2011

I was reading”the Esential Chomsky” when I came upon the mention of a conflict I have never heard of before. It was the 1954 U.S. invasion of Guatemala.I thought to myself “What the hell did we invade Guatemala?” The proposition of our government invading this tiny central American country seemed Preposterous.

So I did a little research.Two things led to the invasion, Corporate greed, and  Americas ati-comunist Hysteria.Guatemalla had a new government, the president of that country took unused land set aside for corporations and gave it back to the people, the United states Saw this as a step towards communism. That is ridiculous. Giving the people back what was esentialy theirs is communism? I thought democracy was about the people being in charge. Oh that’s right commun ism is a form of economy not government. So,capitalism, being a system where corporations control everything, is actually working against the foundations of democracy.

The real reason for the invasion was the fact that by giving the land back to the people, it to the land away from the American fruit companies, who would take the bananas without giving anything Back to Guatemala, and profit off of it. Why is it that all of our conflicts since World war 2 have been for the sake of resources and Corporate greed. 

Even the Vietnam war turned out to really be about natural resources. the United states has no business Invading other countries and having the audacity to call it self-defense. we constantly wage wars in the name of rescuing the world of some hypothetical enemy that always has a different name and face, but the same  goal : the destruction of America’s values and “the American way of life” . why do we keep falling for the same tricks. our government only cares about its own gains, and does not care about its own citizens.

Libya: A possible third war.

24 03 2011

Recently a UN coalition headed by the united states began operations to enforce a no fly zone over Libya. I have been thinking the same thing every other sensible american is thinking”not another war”.  of course our government assures us that we won’t commit ground troops, and it will only take a little while. That’s what they said about Iraq. This move may spell political suicide for Obama, but then again all the republican presidential hopefuls are members ofthe teaparty, so he still stands a chance. President Obama  said when he was running for president that he was going to get us out of Iraq and Afgahnistan, an close GTMO. He hasn’t done any of those things, yet he gets us involved in another conflict, against the advice of the secretary of Defense. How come presidents never listen to the Secretary of defense? that is why he is there to advise the president on thing pertaining to war and defense.Bush didn’t Listen to powell about Iraq, Look what happened.

  I think  their should be a requirment that presidential canidates should have Military comand eperience, in order to be president. One of the Main powers of the presidency is bei9ng in command ofg the US armed forces,so if you have no military experience you shouldn’t be president. I am so sick of these rich politicians starting wars that are being fought by a military made up mostly of the working class. If Politicians want to start wars they should have to fight along side our troops. See how many wars they would start then. I do feel for the people of Lybia, but we allready have our hands full. I am not buying the reason the president is giving for our  action in Libya. If it was about  protecting innocent people, how come nothing is even being said to Saudi Arabia about them sending in troops to baharain to help kill of the protesters? If Libya didn’t have lots of oil we wouuldn’t give a damn about helping them.

What about helping mexico in their war against the druglords? Oh, yeah there is no free oil in it for us. The problem in mexico has much more of an affect on us, many american tourists have been killed because of the violence. Mexico is right next door to us, but we are woried about some tiny little country on the other side of the world. We will send  ships with cruise missles, and aircraft carriers to Lybia, but thge only thing we did for mexico is send in 2 drones, after 3 years of conflict.It is all about political agenda, the entire of middle east and parts of north africa are  descending into revolution, against dictators who were put into power  by the united states, so by going against Gadahfi we are making our selves look good to the people of these nations, so we can keep our hands on thier oil.

Thank you Mr. President for getting us in another damn war!

God Hates Assholes

4 03 2011

God Hates fred

I am sure by now everyone Knows about Westboro Baptist Church. I found out about these fake ass christians over a year ago. the Assholes have been doing this crap for years to get attention, now thanks to the supreme court, they have national attention. Hey, Westboro, God Hates you!

Fred Phelps is the leader of this three-ring circus.  Fred you are wrong, god doesnt hate Fags. God Hates as assholes. These Kind of Christian extremist are everywhere in this country, Quite a lot of them have blogs on wordpress.Haters, of not Just Homosexuals, But of Evil things like Islam, freedom, liberals, education, and the working class.

Find something to hate and I guarantee, someone will find a way to twist scripture to Justify it. This is not what Jesus taught. He didnt say to hate everyone, Jesus preached love.  Before you go around telling everyone  that they are going to hell, take a look in the mirror(which might be difficult fo fred). Fred doesn’t know any better saying he was probably born before the civil war. Seriously, how old is this hater.

Some one should start a new campaign: God hates assholes

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