A War Torn Decade

10 10 2011

Today marks the 1o year anniversary of the Afghanistan war. Scores of Soldiers have lost their lives, and thousands of civilians have been killed and about a trillion dollars has been spent on this war. The Original goals of the war were to catch Bin Laden dead or alive, and purge the small South Central Asian nation of Afghanistan, both of which have been accomplished. So, Why are we still there? Are we still their? To nation build , like both Bush and Obama both said what weren’t going to do? Are we there to overthrow the Taliban, A job that the previous commander of the war, General Mc Chrystal said was nearly impossible to Achieve? Or, is the Trillions of dollars worth of steel under Afghanistan the reason for staying?

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10 years in Afghanistan

17 09 2011

Nearly ten years ago the United States invaded Afghanistan, a small nation in
south-central Asia. The USA invaded that country under the premise that the
Taliban was harboring Osama Bin Laden. Because the Taliban did not hand over Bin
Laden. A trillion dollars has been spent, a few thousand troops have died, and
Osama Bin Laden is dead, yet the war moves on.

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Quit Talibaning Around and Bring our Troops Home

14 05 2011

by Christopher Jay Thompson

These damn hypocritical politicians are pissing me off. When we first went into Afghanistan the politicians said we had 2 goals, To get Bin laden  and to rid Afghanistan of Al Qaeda. Well, Bin laden is dead, and there are probably only 20 al Qaeda left in that god forsaken place. They need to bring our soldiers home. And I don’t mean ending it like the way Obama ended the Iraq war, which  was to leave most of the troops over there and call it something else besides war. You can call a dog a cat, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t really a dog.

     Now these jerk offs are saying that we shouldn’t leave until the Job is done.What job is that? The job that Bush swore that we weren’t going to do, nation building? And of course Obama is going to go along with it because all he is Bush version 2.0.  Democrats are just Republicans with higher IQs. We did not go in there to  overthrow the Taliban. Why don’t they tell us the real reason the troops aren’t coming home? The real reason we aren’t leaving is because there is trillions of dollars worth of Iron ore under that country.

When is America going to wake up from Their tv induced coma and realize what is really going on.  We keep falling for the same lies over and over again. We have been there almost 10 years. Are we trying to stay there another 10 years? We are not the world police. Bin laden is dead, and so is our government’s alibi.  Game over.

What is wrong with this picture?

31 03 2011

Yes, my Friends the guys who we have been fighting for the last 10 years were pals of ron reagan

Julian Assange is the shisnick!!!

29 07 2010

If you don’ know who Julian Assange is you probably don’t own a TV, acomputer with the internet, or read the Newspapers. Assange has praticaly become a household name since his website wikileaks put out the infamous”Capital murder” video footage. He has made enemies with The United states government, as well as other world governments by releasing leaked military inteligence documents to the general public of the world. both the UK and Russia have blocked access of certain wikileaks material from being available to thier citizens, and Germany wants to prosecute Assange.Recently Julian Assange was supposed to speak at a conference in new york, where federal agents were waiting for him. Of course he didnt show up, instead another reperesenative of wikileaks spoke in his place.

     Alot of people are up in arms over the wikileaks release of the Afghanistan war diaries. Regardless of the legality of the release, The american people have a right to Know about what is really going on in this war. The Us government Keeps talking about the material possibly endangering American lives. Yeah right, more like endangering thier chance for re-election. For sure it is going to endanger support of the war. I am tired of the government withholding the truth about this war. The war is going nowhere, after 9 years we ware no closer to winning this war than we were when it started. Regardles what people  think, I believe that Assange is a god damn hero. Mr. Assange, keep doing what you are doing, and be very careful.

Freedom of the press?

26 07 2010


One of the foundations that our country was built on was freedom of the press. Aparrently that doesnt apply if you piss off the military, or the government. Wiki leaks has been shut down in the United states. This was due to the release of the Infamous black hawk video in which US soldiers brutaly murdered innocent civilians in Iraq from a blackhawk while joking and laughing about it. The government said that wikileaks is putting  National security at risk. What? How is that a threat to national  security? The truth is that Military recruit ment was already at an all time low, and this footage would discourage  people from enlisting even more than before it’s release. 

  The soldiers who commited this Atrocity were not repimanded or put on trial. Instead they arrested and court martialed the man who leaked the video. Why? because it was clasified infomation. But why was it clasified? Because it was the truth, Because it made the military look bad. Well, if the shoe fits. President Barrack Obush, and his administration are going after wistle blowers and truth tellers at an alarming rate. McChrystal  was fired after an interview in the rolling stone was published. They claim it was because of insults directed at Obama and his cabinet members. But it was really over the fact that he said that the war in Afghanistan was un-winable, which was a truth that had already been stated by the UN.  Another person in the government had to appologize for her statement in which she said that Israel should get out of Palestine. What Kind of country do we live in where telling the truth is a crime. Iam so dissapointed in Obama because I really believed his lies, I Tought he would change things for the better. I thought the bush administration would end with the bush administration. I was Wrong.

The world is spiraling out of control

29 06 2010

The world seem to have gone completly insane. not that it ever was sane to begin with. Israel attacks a humanitarian aid ship in international waters, and our government doesn’t condem thier actions. in canada, a country that is known for being peaceful, is the sight of unprovoked police violence against peaceful protesters and jounralists in front of the G20 summit. We are in two wars that seem to have no end in sight. the war in afghanistan has become the longest war in the history of the united states, and our president saays will be there another 5 years(and thats if things go well, and they won’t). And thats just a few of the crazy things that are going on in the world today. The world is spiraling out of control, and I feel hopless to do anything about it.
can anything be done about it?

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