Forgotten History: The 1954 U.S. invasion of Guatemala

3 04 2011

I was reading”the Esential Chomsky” when I came upon the mention of a conflict I have never heard of before. It was the 1954 U.S. invasion of Guatemala.I thought to myself “What the hell did we invade Guatemala?” The proposition of our government invading this tiny central American country seemed Preposterous.

So I did a little research.Two things led to the invasion, Corporate greed, and  Americas ati-comunist Hysteria.Guatemalla had a new government, the president of that country took unused land set aside for corporations and gave it back to the people, the United states Saw this as a step towards communism. That is ridiculous. Giving the people back what was esentialy theirs is communism? I thought democracy was about the people being in charge. Oh that’s right commun ism is a form of economy not government. So,capitalism, being a system where corporations control everything, is actually working against the foundations of democracy.

The real reason for the invasion was the fact that by giving the land back to the people, it to the land away from the American fruit companies, who would take the bananas without giving anything Back to Guatemala, and profit off of it. Why is it that all of our conflicts since World war 2 have been for the sake of resources and Corporate greed. 

Even the Vietnam war turned out to really be about natural resources. the United states has no business Invading other countries and having the audacity to call it self-defense. we constantly wage wars in the name of rescuing the world of some hypothetical enemy that always has a different name and face, but the same  goal : the destruction of America’s values and “the American way of life” . why do we keep falling for the same tricks. our government only cares about its own gains, and does not care about its own citizens.



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