We Are the 99 Percent Whether You like it or Not

20 10 2011

What started out as a single protest by a group calling themselves the 99 Percent, has spread across the country and around the world. The Occupy Movement is expressing the disenfranchisement that the working class, both blue collar and white-collar, feel towards what they see as the rich white minority. Fox news has tried to soil the name of the movement by claiming that the protestors are the “liberal fringe” and don’t pay taxes. They want to paint the protestors as dirty Hippies that don’t know what they are talking about, or even what their message is. Of course I would expect a news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch, one of the richest tycoons in the world to spread such a message.
It is no surprise that the rich, and the media that they own would try to demonize protests that are aimed at them. Did they think they could continue to screw over the majority of the population and meet with no resistance? A large percent of the protestors do pat taxes and are very well educated. the Occupy Movement is decrying corporate greed and an extreme disproportionate distribution of wealth.

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This is America. Or is it?

29 05 2011

Welcome to  Future of america. Land of the free, my ass

What Israeli Zionists really think about christians

25 04 2011

This is from Israeli television

I think that christian zionists, and any christian that supports Israel should watch this. This is what they really think of christians.

God hates HighSchool

14 04 2011

The nuts at westboro are at it again, now protesting outside of highschools. Is there any limit to their madness?

The propaganda machine and the Submission of the People to Government Power

14 04 2011

                        The propaganda machine

                       and the submission of the people to government power

                                          By Christopher Jay Thompson

  The power of propaganda well documented in the modern era. Yet most americans, when asked about propaganda are likely to think of its use by “other ” nations. For instance, it’s use by Nazi Germany to gain the support of the average German. Or perhaps the Soviet Union “brain washing” Soviets into “hating American democracy”. Even the Use of propaganda by religious fanatics. Yet, they never for once suspects the possibility of our own government using propaganda to pull the wool over the eyes of the average American. They just don’t see it. Well that’s because of the success of the propaganda machine.

A prime example of the U.S. government using propaganda to pound the public into submission is the “Red Scare” of the Early 1900s. Woodrow Wilson used the  implied threat of the “eminent world takeover by the evil communists” as an excuse to destroy the unions and to suffocate the freedom of speech. People were persuaded to give up their freedoms in exchange for “security”. Sound familiar? It should. The Bush(Jr.) administration also asked Americans to sacrifice their freedom so that our government could protect us from the  evil terrorists who were “jealous” of our freedoms. How does that make any kind of sense? Give up our freedom to protect our freedom? That is the most idiotic thing I have heard in my life. Sounds like some kind of Orwellian double speak. Yet most Americans fell for it.

There are a lot of parallels between the cold war and the war on terror.  One parallel being the use of fear in order to persuade the American people into submitting to martial law. Thus, the great propaganda machine  was called in. Anytime we are at war with an adversary or even in a land grabbing competition, as we were with the Soviets; great lengths are taken to dehumanize the enemy. We must always convince the public that the enemy is jealous of our freedom. This will cause the people  to allow the government  to take all means necessary to protect them. This is sometimes refered to as “manufacturing consent”.

I am by no means condoning the terror attacks of september 11, 2001. It was the most vile and terrifying event to happen in my lifetime. It was an act of evil. Yet, we must ask ourselves a question. What were the circumstances that led up to people getting so enraged as to drive jumbo jets into buildings?Any idiot could tell you it wasn’t jealousy. Jealousy doesn’t cause someone to commit an act that was obviously done out of desperation. We must ask ourselves why, and we must try to find the real answer.

I believe that i is the duty of the people Who know the truth to spread it and to combat the spread  of lies. To quote Benjamin Franklin “A nation well-informed men, who have  been taught to know and prize the rights that god has  given them, cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins “. So it is the Job of the Educated to educate the uneducated.

Even though forms of propaganda have existed for ages, the power of  the film medium as a means of propaganda was first realized by Nazi Germany. It was a way to propagandize the masses. It was very useful in aiding the Nazis in the vilification of the Jews. The United States would follow the Nazis’ lead on using film as a means of propoganda. With the Advent of telivision, the U.S. took propagtanda to the next level.Now propoganda could bwe beamed directly into the homes of all Americans. Now the corporations and the government had direct control of the flow of information, particulary the news. Television was employed succesfuly during the cold war to demonize the Soviet Union.

So, as you can see, Propaganda can be a poewrful weapon in the shaping of the minds of the public. The most powerful tactic of the propaganda machine  is the installation of fear. People who are afraid are easy to manipulate. Extreme fear causes the  logic centers of the brain to shut down. Those of low education and inteligence are more succeptable to this form of mind control. people who are of hight inteligence are less likely to be propagandized. yet even intellectuals fall under the spell of propaganda machine. The best way to resist  mind control is to try to completely avoid propaganda.

The other Zionists

12 04 2011

From Kent State to Lybia: U.S. Government Hypocrisy at it’s best

30 03 2011




                                                                     writen by Christopher Jay Thompson


 The situation in Libya reminds me of something that happened during another war, the Vietnam war. Yet it isn’t something  that happen on the other side of the world, It happened here inthe good ol’ USA. That incident was called the Kent State massacre.

 Here is a little history lesson for those of you who are not familiar with the Kent State massacre. On May 4th of  1970, at Kent State University in Ohio,  National guardsmen  opened fire on college students who were peacefully Protesting against the Vietnam war. Four of the victims died, nine others were seriously wounded.

This is something that  barely happened  41 years ago. So, it wasn’t that long ago. What recently happened  in Libya is Just  the Kent State Massacre on a grander scale.So, what right Does the  United States government have to take part of coalition offensive for something the US government has done itself; killed its own people. I mean, come on, it’s not like the Kent State incident is ancient history. It is utter hypocrisy .

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