Biodiesel Is the Future

18 05 2011

by Christopher Thompson

I am so excited!!!! I have been learning about  biodiesel,  the fuel of tomorrow. Well, actually it is the fuel of yesterday. What we call biodiesel should just be called diesel, since it was the fuel that Rudolph Diesel designed his engine to run on. What we call diesel should be called petro-diesel. Biodiesel can be made from all sorts of things. It can be made from inedible plants, from very abundant plants like seaweed, it can even be made from your leftovers. Yes, all organic oils can be used to make biodiesel.

So, what is biodiesel? It Is a  fuel made from natural oils such as vegetable oil or animal  fat. What is great is that any vehicle that runs on diesel will run on biodiesel with no modifications. But aren’t diesels slow? This used to be true, but not anymore. They now make cars with diesel engines just as fast as gasoline powered cars.  Diesel  engines are also more fuel-efficient.

The trucks, trains and, ships that transport cargo all run on diesel. So, even if these vehicles switched to biodiesel, it would cut pollution down a lot. Well, what if I don’t care about pollution or the environment? You still would benefit from switching to biodiesel, unless you like paying almost 5 dollars for a gallon of gasoline. We would no longer dependent on foreign oil. This  means  that there would be fewer wars over oil, and would also help  decrease out national debt because we could provide our own fuel. There are just so many benefits to biodiesel.

But if biodiesel is made from Vegetable oil , won’t it cause food shortages, and bring up the price of food? No, that is the  beauty of  biodiesel, It can be made from used cooking oil from restaurants, and the oil doesn’t have to be vegetable oil or  animal fat, it can be made from any organic oils.

One argument that the Oil companies make is that there is no money in biofuels. This is so not true. My cousins husband works for a company that processes Used cooking oil into  biodiesel and they have money up the wazoo. Maybe that’s the problem. The oil companies don’t like the Idea of losing their monopoly on fuel, so they spread all this disinformation. Biodiesel is clean, safe and economical. Biodiesel  is the future.


academic paper on economics and climate change states that Co2 stays in atmosphere for up to 200 years

2 05 2011

This is a reply to a statement by john wilder who said people who think that co2 would float in the air fo a hunded years. Note the highlighted area.

for full document click link economics and climate change

Roger that, here are some academic papers

2 05 2011

Roger from New Zeland keeps ridiculing me for not showing academic papers to prove my point on global warming.Here they are;

corporate influence of media

AEA report

korea report on global warming

university Idaho report

EPA not helping environment

8 Ridiculous Arguments Against global Warming

1 05 2011

 By Christopher Jay Thompson



On the website for the American Policy Round Table there was an article called 8 arguments against global warming. This information was supplied by  the Heartland Institute. Before we delve into the contents of that  article, let’s examine what the Heartland institute is. It claims to be a Non-profit research and education organization. Yet, what they really are is a corporate funded media lobbyist group. Some of their  Biggest contributors have been Exxon, Wal-Mart and Philip Morris. So you coul imagine the credibility of an organization that is funded by corporate money.

     So let us now turn our attention to the 8 Arguments against global warming:

1) Most Scientists do not think human activity is responsible for global warming and there is no convincing evidence.

this is false. They refer to the Oregon petition as proof of their statement. As is turns out the Oregon petition is a Fabrication. So there goes that argument.

2) The most reliable sources say there is no data that shows a trend in warming.

False.  NASA says there is a definite trend in warming according to satellite data. I guess they don’t consider NASA a reliable source. But the oil companies are? I guess NASA is a part of this sinister global conspiracy.

3) Global climate computer models are too crude to predict future climate changes. scientists have also cheated by tweaking the numbers.

False. Although models of the 1990s were rather crude, current models are rather complex. As far as the Question of their acuracy, they are not a magic window into the future. there is no crystal ball.

The accusations of the scientists cheating, there is no evidence to support such a claim. I am curious who there sources(Exxon) are. This argument sounds like more conspiracy theory.

4) IPCC did not prove that human activities are causing global warming.

Yes they have.


5)A modest amount of global warming is good for the environment and beneficial to the natural world.

False- First of all I don’t even know what they consider modest. If the global temperature  rises 5  degrees we are toast. Even a 1 or 2 degree rise in global temperature could have serious ramifications. Remember we are talking about global temperature, not regional temperatures.

6) Efforts to reduce green house gasses would be costly and wouldn’t stop the climate from changing.

You have got to be kidding. It would be costly? I think the Fortune 500 companies that are  polluting the most can afford it.

The claim that we can’t do anything about it is just irresponsible. Is is saying”well, we probably can’t stop the climate from changing,so lets just pollute till our heart’s content”.

7) Efforts by state governments  to reduce emissions would be expensive and would bust state budgets.

this falls under the nobody knows for sure category. Yes, the measures would be expensive. But to say that they know for sure that it will bust state budgets is a rash statement. Apparently the Heartland Institute can see into the future. 

8) The best strategy to pursue is “no regrets”. Make no drastic changes. Invest in atmospheric research. Investments should only be made if they are economically viable.

So not true. This one needs no commentary.


Well there we have it. Notice how the  arguments contradict one another . They keep shifting from it isn’t real, to humans don’t cause it, to its a good thing,to noting can be done about it. I think the credibility of the Heartland Institute has gone down the toilet.


29 01 2011

Every one claims to be searching for the meaning life, the secret of the universe the ultimate truth. Here it is plain and simple. Meaning of life is love. It is the Ultimate truth, the secret of the Universe. It is the life force,the thing that connects all things that exist. Love is the glue that holds the universe together.

    Love creates life, flows through it, sustains it, nourishes it. Hate on the other hand is death. It destroys, and robs life of all meaning. it is the Ultimate lie. It threatens to destroy all existence. If you don’t Believe me  look at the state of the world. Look at all that hate brings into this world. It spreads like a disease, leaveng a trail of destruction where ever it goes.

It is said that god is Love . It is also said that god is all things. So one could conclude that Love is all things. If God creates, love creates. If god is love, then what we refer to as satan must be the embodiement of hate. Many religions speak of  god, of love, yet spread nothing but hatred, poisoning the minds of the masses. If you do things that serve hatred, then you truly serve that which you call satan regardless of what you say you serve.

This is the ultimate truth:


Global Warming: Not Gore’s Theory

24 08 2010

The topic of global warming didnt seem to debate util Al Gore made a documentary about it. It seem that since Gore made the documentary, all republicans have tried to say that its a rediculous theory and is’t very likely. First of all it isn’t Al gore’s theory, or a new one at that. As a matter of fact it isn’t a theory, since all evidence point to it being a reality. I was learning about global warming in 7th grade, I am 34 now, so the Idea has been around since before anyone knew who Gore was. Some people have argued that it is just natuaral, mainly Manufacturers, oil companies, and the people who invest in these corporations. so, the hole in the ozone layer is natural? speaking of a rediculous theory. The temperatures on this planet have been increasing at an alarming rate since industrialization began. If I was a corporation that was poluting the air, i would eny global warming too, because I would be too cheap to equip my factories with the necessary equipment to lower emissions. This I dea that All the polluting we do has no affect on our planet is preposterous. we can keep denying that were destroying the planet and ensure its destruction, or we can start doing something before it’s too late.

SIDS: Will It Ever Be Preventable?

21 08 2010

   this post is different then most of my articles, which are usualy about Politics or Religion. The reason I am writing about SIDS  is because it is a very personal subject for me. Recently a friendof my girlfriend’s lost here baby to SIDS. It Brought alot of feelings about my nephew who also died of Sids. Mason and his twin sister Kylee  were born almost seven years ago. Mason was the healthier of the two.Mason had never been hospitalized for anything, while Kylee was ill often, and was in the hospital frequently. Shortly after the twins were born, my sister had to return to work. the twins were enrolled in day care. One day my sister got a frantic call from the daycare center. Mason had stoped breathing for no apparent reason. They Believe that Mason stopped breathing right after he was put down to sleep. The day care people check the babies every 30 minutes. When they went to check on Mason he was blue and wasn’t Breathing. His heart had been stopped for at least a half hour before the paramedics arrived on the scene. Some how they were able to revive him and put him on life support. When he was examined by the doctor in the ER, It was determined that he was brain dead. Mason was 4 months old. My Sister and my brother wer faced with the decision of whether or not to pull the plug. They decided to pull the plug because they no he was not really alive. The only good to come out of this is that maybe his death will help forward research on SIDS. Maybee one day they will figure out the cause of Sids. If they determin the cause maybe they can prevent it so that other families don’t have to suffer the way we have suffered.

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