Libya: A possible third war.

24 03 2011

Recently a UN coalition headed by the united states began operations to enforce a no fly zone over Libya. I have been thinking the same thing every other sensible american is thinking”not another war”.  of course our government assures us that we won’t commit ground troops, and it will only take a little while. That’s what they said about Iraq. This move may spell political suicide for Obama, but then again all the republican presidential hopefuls are members ofthe teaparty, so he still stands a chance. President Obama  said when he was running for president that he was going to get us out of Iraq and Afgahnistan, an close GTMO. He hasn’t done any of those things, yet he gets us involved in another conflict, against the advice of the secretary of Defense. How come presidents never listen to the Secretary of defense? that is why he is there to advise the president on thing pertaining to war and defense.Bush didn’t Listen to powell about Iraq, Look what happened.

  I think  their should be a requirment that presidential canidates should have Military comand eperience, in order to be president. One of the Main powers of the presidency is bei9ng in command ofg the US armed forces,so if you have no military experience you shouldn’t be president. I am so sick of these rich politicians starting wars that are being fought by a military made up mostly of the working class. If Politicians want to start wars they should have to fight along side our troops. See how many wars they would start then. I do feel for the people of Lybia, but we allready have our hands full. I am not buying the reason the president is giving for our  action in Libya. If it was about  protecting innocent people, how come nothing is even being said to Saudi Arabia about them sending in troops to baharain to help kill of the protesters? If Libya didn’t have lots of oil we wouuldn’t give a damn about helping them.

What about helping mexico in their war against the druglords? Oh, yeah there is no free oil in it for us. The problem in mexico has much more of an affect on us, many american tourists have been killed because of the violence. Mexico is right next door to us, but we are woried about some tiny little country on the other side of the world. We will send  ships with cruise missles, and aircraft carriers to Lybia, but thge only thing we did for mexico is send in 2 drones, after 3 years of conflict.It is all about political agenda, the entire of middle east and parts of north africa are  descending into revolution, against dictators who were put into power  by the united states, so by going against Gadahfi we are making our selves look good to the people of these nations, so we can keep our hands on thier oil.

Thank you Mr. President for getting us in another damn war!

Freedom, Revolution and Idiots on Yahoo

20 02 2011

 In light of the  domino effect of revolution in the middle east and North Africa I find myself excited. To see People who have been terified of their leaderd finally standing up againgt them. This Is truly awesome, Democracy in the middle east becoming a reality, and not just some excuse for American wars. It is sad that our government was at first opposed to the over throw of the egyptian leader. Finally proof that our country is more interested in having Dictators in the middle east that do our bidding, than having democracy in the middle east. There we have it , The US government cares more about thier own agenda then Democracy. I was also disgusted  When I read the comments on yahoo news on the articles of the  protests in the middle east. So many americans who are the first to use the term freedom when defending American wars, saying how wrong it is for those people to  want to be free. Such hipocracy. this is why our own government walks all over us. Americans love to talk about freedom, yet they badmouth anyone who exercises it or, seeks it. the truth is , Americans are afraid of true freedom, they just like the Idea of freedom. Yahoo is also being used as a forum for anti-muslim hatred, even though this has nothing to do with religion. I have become ashamed of my fellow americans. when are we going to practice what e preach?

 Unlike some of my Fellow citizend, I admire these people who are seeking freedom. The Lybian’s are the ones I admire the most though. They knew that Kadafhi would killed them if they spoke out against him, yet they didnt let that stop them. even after at least 200 protesters were murdered by police and military, they still arent backing down. How can you not respect that? These people would rather die free, than to live with ouut freedom. This kind of Ideology is the foundation on which our country was built on. Unfortunately, our country has degeerated into a nation of brainwashed  yes men. when did we become so weak. we are no longer Citizens, we are consumers, mindless drones.

any one who doesn’t stand up for freedom doesnt have the right to exist.

give me liberty or give me death.

The truth about Israel

11 08 2010

This first video is a speach given By A Jewish Israeli Historian

The World Police

8 08 2010

   Recently the united states began drafting a nuclear treaty with Vietnam, that will allow them to enrich Uranium and have a civillian nuclear energy program,yet we deny the same to Iran. What’s up with that? We are allowing a country that we were once at war with have a nuclear energy program, yet we deny it to Iran, a country that we were never at war with. Maybe its because Israel  doesn’t hate on Vietnam, and doesn’t like Iran.

  Now lets focus on the middle east. We will not allow any country in the middle east except Israel, to have even a civillian nuclear energy program. Yet we allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons. This is such a double standard. We go around telling everyone what they can or can’t do, like we’re the police. We are not the world police, and we need to stop acting like it. We allow our allies do anything they want, Including civil rights violations, and genocide, while denying countries  that we dont like the ability to even sustain themselves.   Yet we wonder why half the world hates us. The United states government needs to practice what they preach. Stop trying to be the world police.

Het Ayatolla, leave those kids alone

6 08 2010


31 07 2010

Wi-spy is the begining of a trend in cyber spying. It began with google releasing personal records of individual web searches. google recently illegaly tapped wi-fi networks downloading thousands of files of personal information. The latest developement bywi-spy is a company called recorded future. Recorded future will give the government total access to personal internet records of all residents of the United states. It will use these records to predict possible actions of individuals by observing internet use patterns. For instance, If I continualy visit sites that contain what is considered “non-patriotic” material, there prediction would assume that Iwill become a terrorist or a reolutionary. This is a load of bullshit. This sort of thing  can’t be legal, let alone constitutional. We all know that Bush was bad (most of us , anyway) but there has been alot more sinister stuff going on under Obama’s watch. This is just an extention of bush’s infamous telephone monitoring scam. No one with half a brain thinks the government is spying on us to keep us safe.

  I thought freedom was the basic principle of this nation. Yet,time after time our rights and freedoms are violated by a government that claims to be a democracy. We have a right to privacy, yet many citizens constantly defend this violation of privacy. They say things like “we got to make sacrifices if we want to be safe”, all of this is prepostorous. Because of the actions of our govenment in the last decade, we are less safe then we were on 911. like violating our constitutional rights has anything to do with national security.  If the government cared about national security, the national gaurd would be here insteaad of Iraq and Afghanistan. If we were invaded right now, we would be screwed because most of our military is onthe other side of the world.  We have a right to not be spyed on by our government. Iam tired of the american public being treated like we’re the enemy. Andas far as sacrifices go, the working class has been making sacrifices since this country was created. The US government is trying to bring  up espionage charges on wikileaks. Before they do that they need to bring themselves up on charges of espionage and conspiracy against the citizens of the United States.

down with big brother

Julian Assange is the shisnick!!!

29 07 2010

If you don’ know who Julian Assange is you probably don’t own a TV, acomputer with the internet, or read the Newspapers. Assange has praticaly become a household name since his website wikileaks put out the infamous”Capital murder” video footage. He has made enemies with The United states government, as well as other world governments by releasing leaked military inteligence documents to the general public of the world. both the UK and Russia have blocked access of certain wikileaks material from being available to thier citizens, and Germany wants to prosecute Assange.Recently Julian Assange was supposed to speak at a conference in new york, where federal agents were waiting for him. Of course he didnt show up, instead another reperesenative of wikileaks spoke in his place.

     Alot of people are up in arms over the wikileaks release of the Afghanistan war diaries. Regardless of the legality of the release, The american people have a right to Know about what is really going on in this war. The Us government Keeps talking about the material possibly endangering American lives. Yeah right, more like endangering thier chance for re-election. For sure it is going to endanger support of the war. I am tired of the government withholding the truth about this war. The war is going nowhere, after 9 years we ware no closer to winning this war than we were when it started. Regardles what people  think, I believe that Assange is a god damn hero. Mr. Assange, keep doing what you are doing, and be very careful.

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