This is America. Or is it?

29 05 2011

Welcome to  Future of america. Land of the free, my ass


Stupid FDA, Stupid Big Dairy farms picking on the Amish

17 05 2011

By Christopher Jay Thompson

I’m madder than a mad cow. I’m mad mad mad mad mad. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am mad? The FDA, an agency that we all Know is bribed by the Big industrial farms, has  had an Amish farmer arrested  for selling  raw milk  across state lines. Since when has unpasteurized milk become an Illegal substance? No one got sick from the milk. Now  all things natural have become off-limits.

This is another attempt by the FDA, and corporate farms to  keep small farms from making a living. If it wasn’t for the Corporate farms lobbying(bribing) politicians, this would not be a legal issue. The government want complete control of the food supply so they can have complete control of us.It’s funny how Big farms can use growth hormones and steroids and all kinds of unhealthy stuff on their cows to help them profit more, but it is Illegal for a farmer to sell natural milk. We are losing our freedom.

The American Dream Is An American Lie A Long As Corporations Are In Control

7 05 2011

                                                   by Christopher Thompson

In the United states, the gap between the haves and the have-nots is increasing. the people who do all the work have nothing,while the fat cats who sit on their buts doing nothing keep getting richer.The empire of the elite is built on the broken backs of the working class. How is this right? I seriously doubt that our founding fathers intended this country to be ran by the corporate elite.

A subject that most Americans do not Know of, is that of corporate personhood. So, what exactly is corporate personhood? The Idea of corporate personhood is the idea that a corporation is legally a person, and therefore deserves the same rights and privileges as citizens. This concept is backed by the united states government. Nowadays corporations have more rights than people do. This ideology led to the  deregulation of the corporations during the bush administration, which was on of the major causes of our recent economic collapse.

      Today we live in a world in which corporate interests are the main driving force of political policy. Any law or regulation designed to protect citizen or the environment will pass, but only if it doesn’t infringe the corporations’ “right” to profit. So if the politicians make the rules and corporations influence political policy, then one could conclude that corporations make the rules.

   Here in the United States, citizens do not work for the politicians, the politicians work for the citizens and corporations are not citizens. We need to raise our voices and say “enough is enough”. Political policy should coincide with the needs of the people and not the greed of corporate America. When the government becomes corrupt, it is our right, if not our duty, to petition the government for a redress of grievances and there by influencing policy. As Gandhi said:

 “If the people lead, governments will follow”

Well, it is time for the people to lead.

Global warming is Real, but Climate gate is a sham. What is up with that?

7 05 2011

Champions of Climate change denial

4 05 2011

8 Ridiculous Arguments Against global Warming

1 05 2011

 By Christopher Jay Thompson



On the website for the American Policy Round Table there was an article called 8 arguments against global warming. This information was supplied by  the Heartland Institute. Before we delve into the contents of that  article, let’s examine what the Heartland institute is. It claims to be a Non-profit research and education organization. Yet, what they really are is a corporate funded media lobbyist group. Some of their  Biggest contributors have been Exxon, Wal-Mart and Philip Morris. So you coul imagine the credibility of an organization that is funded by corporate money.

     So let us now turn our attention to the 8 Arguments against global warming:

1) Most Scientists do not think human activity is responsible for global warming and there is no convincing evidence.

this is false. They refer to the Oregon petition as proof of their statement. As is turns out the Oregon petition is a Fabrication. So there goes that argument.

2) The most reliable sources say there is no data that shows a trend in warming.

False.  NASA says there is a definite trend in warming according to satellite data. I guess they don’t consider NASA a reliable source. But the oil companies are? I guess NASA is a part of this sinister global conspiracy.

3) Global climate computer models are too crude to predict future climate changes. scientists have also cheated by tweaking the numbers.

False. Although models of the 1990s were rather crude, current models are rather complex. As far as the Question of their acuracy, they are not a magic window into the future. there is no crystal ball.

The accusations of the scientists cheating, there is no evidence to support such a claim. I am curious who there sources(Exxon) are. This argument sounds like more conspiracy theory.

4) IPCC did not prove that human activities are causing global warming.

Yes they have.


5)A modest amount of global warming is good for the environment and beneficial to the natural world.

False- First of all I don’t even know what they consider modest. If the global temperature  rises 5  degrees we are toast. Even a 1 or 2 degree rise in global temperature could have serious ramifications. Remember we are talking about global temperature, not regional temperatures.

6) Efforts to reduce green house gasses would be costly and wouldn’t stop the climate from changing.

You have got to be kidding. It would be costly? I think the Fortune 500 companies that are  polluting the most can afford it.

The claim that we can’t do anything about it is just irresponsible. Is is saying”well, we probably can’t stop the climate from changing,so lets just pollute till our heart’s content”.

7) Efforts by state governments  to reduce emissions would be expensive and would bust state budgets.

this falls under the nobody knows for sure category. Yes, the measures would be expensive. But to say that they know for sure that it will bust state budgets is a rash statement. Apparently the Heartland Institute can see into the future. 

8) The best strategy to pursue is “no regrets”. Make no drastic changes. Invest in atmospheric research. Investments should only be made if they are economically viable.

So not true. This one needs no commentary.


Well there we have it. Notice how the  arguments contradict one another . They keep shifting from it isn’t real, to humans don’t cause it, to its a good thing,to noting can be done about it. I think the credibility of the Heartland Institute has gone down the toilet.

The Venezuela Conspiracy:How the United States Engineered a coup.

19 04 2011

                          By Christopher Jay Thompson

 Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela has been constantly demonized by the United states government and media. Being labeled a dictator and a socialist, neither of wich are true. Most americans probably view him this way. Chavez  was so arrogant as to bring down the ruling regime that was selling Venezuela out to the American oil companies and slaughtering the poor. The first dastardly deed that Chavez did was to take the land away from the 2 percent of the population and give it to the other 97 percent of the population. He also evenly distributed the profits gained by oil production, to the people. Hugo Chavez has also been called an enemy of democracy, well I guess if your idea of democracy is letting the United States rape your resources, then, yes he is.

      With the control of Venezuela’s oil going to the people, they raised the price on oil exports. This of course pissed off the corporations and the U.S. politicians tha invested in these companies. As one politician said ” they do not have America’s  interests in mind”. Well, why should they? Who are we to tell other countries what to do?  Most of our operations in South America were about natural resources, and the installation of dictators to ensure the exploitation of those resources by American corporations. Chavez is hated, mostly because of the influence of corporations such as Exxon who feel  like they have been ripped off by Mr. Chavez.

     Before Hugo Chavez came into power, the inflation rate of Venezuela was 70 percent. The current rate for that country is 29 percent. Pretty good for an ” evil socialist dictator”. Here are more examples of the evils of this dictatorship:

       – free college

     –  free health care

    – housing opportunities for the poor

     – drastic decrease  of poverty.

God save us all from  this menace! We should do whatever it takes them democracy(enslavement  under U.S. corporations). The United States government hates Chavez because Venezuela, the largest  oil producer in OPEC, won’t sell their oil at ridiculously low prices.

     In 2002, funded by U.S.  charity and Financial  organizations, a group of wealthy Venezuelans staged a coup and kidnaped Chavez. They produced a phony letter from Chavez that said he was resigning. The two main sources of funding for the coup were the National Endowment Democracy(NED) and the International Monetary fund(IMF).  Both of these organizations are regulated by the U.S. government and funded by tax money.

             Roger Noriega, the U.S. assistant secretary of state at the time said “Just because it happened after we provided support to these groups, doesn’t mean it happened because we provided support to these groups”. Talk about double speak. The short-lived coup put  Pedro Camorra, a prominent business man into power. They attempted to absolve the Venezuelan constitution and take back control of the land, which was now being used by farmers.This coup sought to undo all of the good that Chavez worked hard to achieve.

  Why did America back the coup? Why are we always meddling in the affairs of countries of South america? this question had been answered long before by Richard Nixon who said “Nobody gives a shit about that place”. Sadly, for the most part that is true.So, when ever you think we are a kind and loving nation remember Nixon’s words. The united states around behaving like a mafia boss, and yet we wonder why we are disliked by most of the world. America’s foreign policy is corrupt, period. We need to stop putting our noses  in everyone elses business.

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