31 07 2010

Wi-spy is the begining of a trend in cyber spying. It began with google releasing personal records of individual web searches. google recently illegaly tapped wi-fi networks downloading thousands of files of personal information. The latest developement bywi-spy is a company called recorded future. Recorded future will give the government total access to personal internet records of all residents of the United states. It will use these records to predict possible actions of individuals by observing internet use patterns. For instance, If I continualy visit sites that contain what is considered “non-patriotic” material, there prediction would assume that Iwill become a terrorist or a reolutionary. This is a load of bullshit. This sort of thing  can’t be legal, let alone constitutional. We all know that Bush was bad (most of us , anyway) but there has been alot more sinister stuff going on under Obama’s watch. This is just an extention of bush’s infamous telephone monitoring scam. No one with half a brain thinks the government is spying on us to keep us safe.

  I thought freedom was the basic principle of this nation. Yet,time after time our rights and freedoms are violated by a government that claims to be a democracy. We have a right to privacy, yet many citizens constantly defend this violation of privacy. They say things like “we got to make sacrifices if we want to be safe”, all of this is prepostorous. Because of the actions of our govenment in the last decade, we are less safe then we were on 911. like violating our constitutional rights has anything to do with national security.  If the government cared about national security, the national gaurd would be here insteaad of Iraq and Afghanistan. If we were invaded right now, we would be screwed because most of our military is onthe other side of the world.  We have a right to not be spyed on by our government. Iam tired of the american public being treated like we’re the enemy. Andas far as sacrifices go, the working class has been making sacrifices since this country was created. The US government is trying to bring  up espionage charges on wikileaks. Before they do that they need to bring themselves up on charges of espionage and conspiracy against the citizens of the United States.

down with big brother


Julian Assange is the shisnick!!!

29 07 2010

If you don’ know who Julian Assange is you probably don’t own a TV, acomputer with the internet, or read the Newspapers. Assange has praticaly become a household name since his website wikileaks put out the infamous”Capital murder” video footage. He has made enemies with The United states government, as well as other world governments by releasing leaked military inteligence documents to the general public of the world. both the UK and Russia have blocked access of certain wikileaks material from being available to thier citizens, and Germany wants to prosecute Assange.Recently Julian Assange was supposed to speak at a conference in new york, where federal agents were waiting for him. Of course he didnt show up, instead another reperesenative of wikileaks spoke in his place.

     Alot of people are up in arms over the wikileaks release of the Afghanistan war diaries. Regardless of the legality of the release, The american people have a right to Know about what is really going on in this war. The Us government Keeps talking about the material possibly endangering American lives. Yeah right, more like endangering thier chance for re-election. For sure it is going to endanger support of the war. I am tired of the government withholding the truth about this war. The war is going nowhere, after 9 years we ware no closer to winning this war than we were when it started. Regardles what people  think, I believe that Assange is a god damn hero. Mr. Assange, keep doing what you are doing, and be very careful.

Freedom of the press?

26 07 2010


One of the foundations that our country was built on was freedom of the press. Aparrently that doesnt apply if you piss off the military, or the government. Wiki leaks has been shut down in the United states. This was due to the release of the Infamous black hawk video in which US soldiers brutaly murdered innocent civilians in Iraq from a blackhawk while joking and laughing about it. The government said that wikileaks is putting  National security at risk. What? How is that a threat to national  security? The truth is that Military recruit ment was already at an all time low, and this footage would discourage  people from enlisting even more than before it’s release. 

  The soldiers who commited this Atrocity were not repimanded or put on trial. Instead they arrested and court martialed the man who leaked the video. Why? because it was clasified infomation. But why was it clasified? Because it was the truth, Because it made the military look bad. Well, if the shoe fits. President Barrack Obush, and his administration are going after wistle blowers and truth tellers at an alarming rate. McChrystal  was fired after an interview in the rolling stone was published. They claim it was because of insults directed at Obama and his cabinet members. But it was really over the fact that he said that the war in Afghanistan was un-winable, which was a truth that had already been stated by the UN.  Another person in the government had to appologize for her statement in which she said that Israel should get out of Palestine. What Kind of country do we live in where telling the truth is a crime. Iam so dissapointed in Obama because I really believed his lies, I Tought he would change things for the better. I thought the bush administration would end with the bush administration. I was Wrong.

Creation, Adam And Eve, And the Non-Existent Witness.

23 07 2010

You hear so many People who say that Every thing in the bible is true.I believe some of it is true, but somethings are imposible to Know if they were True. There is a problem with the story of creation and the Adam eve story. The problem is the presence of the non-existent witness. Te non-existenet witness means that no one was there to witness it. Who really Knows how the Universe was created? The answer, No one. The story of Adam has the same Problem, there was no one to witness it, so how could it have happened. Instead of seing these storiews as what they are, Jewish folklore that atempts to explain the Unexpainable, It as seen as the complete truth. Later on, in Exodus, the Non-existant witness shows up  Again when Moses goes up the Mountain. Every oner Knows for sure that Moses recieved the 10 comandments from god, Even though he went alone. He stayed there for 4 days, long enought to cave words in to the tablets, but we Know It was written by the hand of god. Couldn’t it Just be that Moses was a Liar.

I wont just single out the Bible. The Non-existent witnes also  apears in the big bang theory. We don’t Know, because no one was there. there are othere things wrong with the theory, but lets not go into that right now. The non-existen witness was also present in evolution. Its an interesting theory, but still there is no way of Knowing. There are so many things that are taken as fact, that there is no way of Knowing if it is true or false. Even science is more faith than fact.  But what is a fact is that the Non-existent witnes, does not exist . If no one was there, you can not prove that what happened is the truth. Instead of just accepting something just because we have been taught something takes away our free will and Our power to reason. Any acount about something inwhich happend before there was any one to witness it, cannot possible be factual.

Even When War Is Won, Everyone Loses

21 07 2010

For mankind, war has been a way of life for countless generations. War has been a means of aquiring teritory and rescources. Some wars are fought for power and control, and sometimes it was fought for the sure enjoyment of pillaging and plundering.Modern warfare if far more distructive and brutal than it had been in the past.

War is all about who wins and who loses. But who truly wins? No one. Who really loses? Every one. In war both sides of the conflict suffer drastically. Both sides lose troops. In an invasion, the invaded country suffers more Civilian casualties, then either sides armies. Both nations suffer Finacialy. Not to mention what war does to the environment. Wars create resentment between nations and cultures, that may last decades or even centuries, wich leads to more wars. Who ever said war leads to peace, was an Idiot. War does not create peace, it just creates more hatred and violonce. War doesn’t bring peace, peace brings peace. If you show kindness to others, they will show kindness towards you. If the result of war was peace, then we would have worrld peace right now. Saying that war leads to peace is double speak. It is like saying that slavery leads to freedom. When it comes to war, no matter Who wins,  everyone loses.

Censorship Wars

19 07 2010


 All popular media has at one time or another come under the  attack of government censorship, Music, movies, even video games. The internet on the other hand has been unscathed by the enemy called censorship, well, until now. The internet has been one of the few outlets for Alternative press, that’s the problem, from the governments point of View. The government is trying to pass a bill that will allow the executive branch to shut down the internet, if the president deems it a threat to national security. This is a sham. first of all, if the government is dumb enough to connect systems vital enough for national security to the internet, they need to shut themselves down, not the internet.

here is the definition of censorship

 Prevention of disturbing or painful thoughts or feelings from reaching consciousness except in a disguised form. 

   So, basicaly they are trying to control our thoughts by preventing information that they deem unfit from reaching our minds. This bill would also allow the NSA to monitor the internet without limitations. It would also allow the FCC to censor anything on the internet that they see as unfit for the audience(Translation: the Truth). I am sick of the Government trying to violate the constitution, as well as human rights. Facebook has already deleted prisonplanet.com’s official page, and youtube has deleted two of thier documentaries. And I dont want to here this crap aboutt giving up our freedoms so the government can protect us. I would ratherr be killed by a suicide bomber than give up my freedom. Who’s going to protect us from Washington. President Obama is Just continuing the policies of the Bush administration. Give me liberty or give me death!!


The Root Of All Evil ?

17 07 2010

I was reading a post on a blog here on word press. It was a “Christian” blog. In this Post, the writer said that the Root of all sin is(To christians sin and evil are Synonomous.) is autonomy. Autonomy? Is this guy Serious?             

below is the definition of Autonomy

independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions: the autonomy of the individual.
to say that thinking for our selves is the root of all evil is Preposterous. So If we blindly follow our Religious and Political leaders will make us free of sin?  On the contrary, the world is in the state of evil it is in because of lack of autonomy. To say that thinking for your self is the Root of all  sin is not ownly rediculous, it goes against the principles of Christianity, as well as scores of other faiths. Elsewhere in the  article It talks  about feeding the poor.
The author states that it is not enough to tend  the physicall needs without teaching them about Jesus. That’s a concept. Lets not feed the, give them bibles and thier hunger will dissapear. Who is to assume that the people  who are hungary or sick don’t Know about jesus? Religion doesnt solve the problem.

    I am basicaly writing this as an extended comment, since the author of the mentioned Author has banned me from writing comments   on his blog. I recently was banned from posting comments on a blog of another so called Christian blog . I my self never ban commenters, or erase comments because they dissagree with me, nomatter how ignorant and hostile they might be. That’s the problem with these blogers  that call themselves christians, yet preach un-Christlike Ideas. The minute you call them on thier bullshit, they turn into rabid wolves.  I have been called a heretic for writing articles that conflict with some ones believes, and have been accused of not reading the bible, because I donot agree with thier praticular interpretation of the bible.      Yet I still dont erase comments when they may discredit what I say. If you are on word press and you only publish comments that lean towards your views, then you are just showing how rediculous you are, and show that you are opposed to the truth. doing so you discredit yourself as being sincere.

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