KING OF THE HILL:Peter King’s Mccarthy hearings on Islam

7 03 2011

Congressman Peter King

On march 10, Peter King, the chairman of the House Homeland security commitee is holding Hearings on Radicalization of Islam. These Hearings are reminiscent of the Mccarthy hearings, The pourpose is to Investigate the entire Muslim  community on the basis that a hanful of Muslims might become radical terrorists. This seems like  a prime example of Republican  Hysteria towards muslims. It doesent suprise me that King is in full suport of nutcase John Boehner. Acorrding to King there is a serious threat inside the Islamic comunity, and even though it is a very small percentage. This kind of .behavior from politicians is fueling the Anti-Muslim Hysteria that is sweeping this nation.

I find it funny that Congressman King Is investigating the Muslim community for links to terrorism, saying  that He is a firm Supporter of the IRA, an organization that is labled as a terrorist group internationaly. Why is a man who supports  terrorism, the head of a committe on homeland security. Obviously this hearing has nothing to do with terrorism, since King supports a terrorist group, It is all about bigotry.

It is sad that in the  21st century our country is reverting back to 1950’s cold war hysteria. These hearings are not Just Immoral, and stupid, they are Unconstitutional, and threrfore illegal.. Istill Remember Bush claiming that this is not a war on islam, only to say a couple years later that this is a war on Radical Islam. They might as well just drop the radical part. The christian right  is waging political was against islam in the United states. Right now our pollitical system is treading on dangerous waters with thier tea party political agenda. These kind of Politicians care nothing about the safety of this country, they are Just trying to prepetuate a holy war. This Is exactly why politics and religion do not mix, and why we must defens th 1st amendment.


a treatise on guilt

10 01 2011

one of the most detremental forms of thought  wich impede our spiritual developement is guilt. some of you would say that i am saying that you should not  feel guilty about anything, this is not true. Some modern spiritual teachers teach just that. this is also detrimental. If you do something that harms someone you should feel atleast some guilt, or else you end up becoming a sociopath. Yet at the same time you should never feel guilty about positive things. I have a hard time digesting any spiritual teaching that tells us we should feel guilty aboud feeling happy, or something as natural and wonderful as sex. It is not just spiritual teachings that prescribe to this illogical logic. In our country it is considered bad to want peace, and good to support war. What kind of twisted philosophy is that?  What I know is this, it is not acceptable to feel guilty for good things, just as it is not acceptable to  not feel guilty about bad things. The abrahamic religions teach that you should feel guilty about everything , including being born. I saay that you should not feel g uilty about things such as sexual desire, pride, or material wealth unless it brings harm to other beings. I see good people torture themselves with unneccesary guilt. I reject the religious implications that we are born sinners. the I dea that simply existing makes us bad. To say that there is no such thing as a good person is totaly ridiculous.  in conclusion,  do not fell guitly about doing something that doesnot harm anyone, and if you do  something that harms someone then fell guilty about it and try not to do it again.

when the truth becomes heresy

9 01 2011

to all you who have called me a heretic.

I voice my oppinion, call it oppinion, you insult me and call me a liar and a heretic. you use lies to prove that it is wrong for me to question that which cannot be proven. I call you on your lies, and you attack me  with hatred and insults. when I write about facts, and question your hatred you call me a devil.  when I speak out against your hatred you want to crucify me. If I am so bad and you are so good, then why is it that your words show the opposite. when you insult me and I fire back with insults, you call me childish. But Know this, it is devil’s who are the first to call others devils. If you  take scripture out of context to try to prove your point you are ritcheous, if I use scriptures in their true context, I am out of  line. Why is it that those who claim to have faith, are so fearful of any one  who is not afraid to question the reasons why we believe. if you truly had faith, you would not be fearful of testing that faith. the problem with blind faith is that it is blind. Is it not Jesus  who  said that the blind could not lead the blind?  Why is it that people who claim to follow the teachings of a man who said that the truth shall set you free, are fearfull of seeking the truth? let me ask you a question. do you worship god  or do you worship a book? words in a book can easily be changed, god doesn’t change. so that is the choice that you must take. will you believe in that wich cann be corrupted, or that which is incorruptible?  If you only believe in something only for fear of eternal damnation, do you truly believe it, or is fear the only thing you believe in? If fear is the oppossite of love and god is love, then what is fear? do you worship fear? so the next time you unfairly judge some one remember, by the measure which you judge, is the measure with wich you will be judged.

Creation, Adam And Eve, And the Non-Existent Witness.

23 07 2010

You hear so many People who say that Every thing in the bible is true.I believe some of it is true, but somethings are imposible to Know if they were True. There is a problem with the story of creation and the Adam eve story. The problem is the presence of the non-existent witness. Te non-existenet witness means that no one was there to witness it. Who really Knows how the Universe was created? The answer, No one. The story of Adam has the same Problem, there was no one to witness it, so how could it have happened. Instead of seing these storiews as what they are, Jewish folklore that atempts to explain the Unexpainable, It as seen as the complete truth. Later on, in Exodus, the Non-existant witness shows up  Again when Moses goes up the Mountain. Every oner Knows for sure that Moses recieved the 10 comandments from god, Even though he went alone. He stayed there for 4 days, long enought to cave words in to the tablets, but we Know It was written by the hand of god. Couldn’t it Just be that Moses was a Liar.

I wont just single out the Bible. The Non-existent witnes also  apears in the big bang theory. We don’t Know, because no one was there. there are othere things wrong with the theory, but lets not go into that right now. The non-existen witness was also present in evolution. Its an interesting theory, but still there is no way of Knowing. There are so many things that are taken as fact, that there is no way of Knowing if it is true or false. Even science is more faith than fact.  But what is a fact is that the Non-existent witnes, does not exist . If no one was there, you can not prove that what happened is the truth. Instead of just accepting something just because we have been taught something takes away our free will and Our power to reason. Any acount about something inwhich happend before there was any one to witness it, cannot possible be factual.

Christians could learn alot from the Dahli lama

8 07 2010

The Dahli lama is one of the wisest, and compassionite people one the face of the earth. I wish I could have a speck of the compassion and forgiveness that he has. His land was invaded by China. They slaughtered his people, out lawed his religion. He was forced to leave home, for fear of being Killed. Still he has no hatred towards China, and forgives the Chineese. Christians could learn alot from this man, Christians claim to be loving, and forgiving. Yet alot of christians are not even capable of forgiving people who have a different religion. Uncapable of loving any one who doesnt conform to thier praticular theology. Recently, a so called christian left very rude comments, which turned into a big debate.All because an article I wrote about a certain topic of religion that he didn,t agree with. He even called me a heretic.Where is the love and forgiveness in that. Just because my Christian beliefs didnt fit within the linesof mainstream Dogma Bullshit. If I was muslim, or hindu, god knows what he would of labled me as. I do not judge him, but he shouuldnt judge me. The dahli lama would neverr act as such, and he’s not even Christian , he’s budhist. The dahli lama is a man who does god’s work. I dont believe that he will suffer for all eternity because he doesnt believe that Jesus died for our sins. But alot of christians, would condemn him for the terrible crime of not being Christian. Alot of Christians won’t even talk to nonchristians unless they think they could convert them. The dahli lama is tolerant of all religions, yet good loving christians won’t. Its pretty sad when a Budhist is more christ like , than people who claim to be followers of jesus. A word of advise to the Christians out there, Be More like this budhist monk.

when Religion gets ugly

3 07 2010

My posts dealing with religion have started some heated debates. My article ” Is the god of jesus the god of the old  testemant” has brought me alot of accusations( mostly from the same person). Yet the same people who ridicule me for pondering such an Idea are quick to judge Islam. alot of christians try to say that the god of the muslims is not the same god as the hebrew god. yet, what I have read of the Koran, it is apperent that Allah is Yaweh. The Koran tells us that Allah is the God of Abraham. It also encourages Muslims to follow the teachings of Moses and jesus. I am also tired of misimformation about Islam. Many Christians stae that the Koran promotes bad treatment of women. The Koran say’s that the worst sin a man can commit, is to dishonor a woman. There is no equivalent statement in the old testament.  The old testament has many statements that teach that women are noty equal to men. In hebrew culture women were treated like second class citizens. alot of christians say that the Koran promotes violence. The Koran actualy discouarages the use of violence, except for self defense. The old testament on the other hand, talks of the rictcheousnes of the hebrews for slaughtering the innocent in the name of god. No, I am not Muslim, I am a christian so don’t try to use that one. Donot accuse me of being ignorant either. Besides christianity I have studied Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, budhism, Kabalah, Kundalini yoga and lots of Philosophy. of course I I have been acused of knowing nothing about religion or philosiphy. an as far as statements that only christians and jews are moral, this is untrue. I am ahighly moral person. I atribute my morality to the Principles of Karate, Not my catholic upbringing, which to me seems very immoral. To all those  christians that would Judgeme ” Do not judge, lest you be judged, for the measure you give you shall also recieve”

“With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion. “
    –   Steven Weinberg, quoted in The New York Times, April 20, 1999

Why christians get a bad rap

2 07 2010

I'm Pat Robertson, and I hate the ACLU

 Have you ever wondered why christians get a bad rap? May be it’s because of people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, fred Phelps and  other false prophets.These jerks hide thier hatred under the mask of religion. The worst part is that people fall for this act. 

First lets talk about the lesser known Fred Phelps. Fred Phelps is the Founder of the westboro baptist church, as well as the websites  and
The Westboro baptist church is registered hate group. Phelps and his gang protest at funerals of gay people, carrying signs with slogans like God hates fags. They are spreaders of homophobia and Anti semitism. fred phelps once made a statment saying that the Holocaust was a good thing, and that the jews deserved it. What kind of shit is that? Oh, and who can forget the westboro church’s remake  of  we are the world, god hates the world. I saw this video on you tube and thought it was a joke, and was totall apalled when I found out that it was no joke.
    then we come to Pat Robertson, who’s ignorance never ceases to amaze. Shortly after september 11, Pat Robertson said that the atacks were gods punishment, that Gays, Feminists, Abortionists, and The ACLU shared part of the blame. The ACLU? Yes Pat, god hate’s civil rights. What a douche bag. In another incident Pat said that Feminists were incouraging women to leave thier husbands, become lesbians and kill thier children, What a crock of shit. and of course everyone knows about his infamous Haiti madde a pact with the devil comment. He also defended Israel’s deadly raid, saying that those people got what they deserve. Jerry Fallwell, one of pat’s closest friends  said back in the 60’s that segragation was god’s will. The reason Christians get a bad rap is because jackasses like these guys. So, of course people get the impression that Christians are assholes. But they don’t represent Christians. to say that these freaks represent Christianity is like saying Bin Laden represents Muslims. Religion is supposed to be about love, not hate. and no pat, god doesn’t talk to you , if he did he would tell you that you are a prick.

No this isnt the guy from poltergeist 2 it's fred phelps

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