We Are the 99 Percent Whether You like it or Not

20 10 2011

What started out as a single protest by a group calling themselves the 99 Percent, has spread across the country and around the world. The Occupy Movement is expressing the disenfranchisement that the working class, both blue collar and white-collar, feel towards what they see as the rich white minority. Fox news has tried to soil the name of the movement by claiming that the protestors are the “liberal fringe” and don’t pay taxes. They want to paint the protestors as dirty Hippies that don’t know what they are talking about, or even what their message is. Of course I would expect a news channel owned by Rupert Murdoch, one of the richest tycoons in the world to spread such a message.
It is no surprise that the rich, and the media that they own would try to demonize protests that are aimed at them. Did they think they could continue to screw over the majority of the population and meet with no resistance? A large percent of the protestors do pat taxes and are very well educated. the Occupy Movement is decrying corporate greed and an extreme disproportionate distribution of wealth.

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Cyber City Chronicles part 1

6 10 2011

Jack felt the cool breeze upon his face while he gazed at the night sky. He took one last puff of his cigarette, then flicked it into the street. He thought about kicking the habit, then thought that it wouldn’t matter because the atmosphere had become so polluted that even the healthiest person had a 50/50 chance of getting lung cancer. Jack looked up at the sign on the building which read “Jack Devoe, Private Investigator”. He hadn’t had any business in several days, and when he did it was usually stuff like helping people find their lost robot , or spying on someone’s cheating husband. Jack was aching for a real case, something he could sink his teeth into. He wanted some action, because in real life being a private detective was boring. It’s nothing like those old black and white movies, not exciting at all.

Things hadn’t always been this way, at one time Jack Devoe had been a hotshot detective, he was one of the best. He was a homicide detective for the Cyber City Police Department, until his temper cost him his job. It was the Cyber City slayer case, Jack had caught the guy. He started thinking about what the creep did to those women and just lost it. Billy Branson was his name, he was a harvester, you know the kind of thug that kills people to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market. The creep chose female victims because they were easy targets, they didn’t put up much of a fight. The man was a coward. To think that Branson did it all for money.

Anyway, Jack knew Billy Branson was guilty, so he beat the snot out of the scrawny bastard. Not only did the Police department get their pants sued off of them, but the case got thrown out, the defense convinced the jury that Jack tampered with evidence. So, that was the end of Jack Devoe’s Police career. He missed those days, back on the police force. Now he longed for the adventures of his past years. “What can you do?” He muttered to himself. He flicked his cigarette into the street and went inside.

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Obama Reveals a Sure Fire Plan for Economic Recovery

27 09 2011

In a town hall meeting hosted by LinkedIn, President Obama showed that he
does know what he is doing when it came to the economy. Despite accusations by
Republicans that he is trying Destroy the country, he shows that he is very much
trying to save the country from an recession that was the Result of the 8 years
of the Bush presidency. He began by addressing the unemployment problem facing
the nation. He said that the American Jobs Act would put people back to work.

In regards to taxes , Obama said that the tax code must be reformed and that
everyone must do their share. I assume by everyone he meant the rich.

He said that the middle class should not pay higher taxes than the rich.

He said that in order for the economy to recover, America must pass the
American Jobs Act. He said that the bill would increase the GDP by 2% and would
increase employment by 1.9%. The numbers might sound small, but from the time
the economy was stable to the beginning of the recession the Unemployment rate
only increased so the small numbers have a large impact.

A small business owner asked the President if Obama if he would get rid of
taxes and regulations that hurt small businesses. To that question, he replied
that the government has already cut taxes for small businesses 16 times since he
has been in office.

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Dave Grohl’s Efforts Not Wasted on Wasting Light

19 09 2011


Wasting Light, The new album from Foo Fighters is a departure from the sound that they are known for. The album brings a breath of fresh air to the band whose style had become stagnant and redundant. Foo fighters began in 1994 as a side project of  former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. It was meant to be a one shot album and every instrument on the debut album  was played by Grohl.


In 1995 the self titled ”Foo Fighters” debuted and was an unexpected hit. In order to support the album Dave Grohl formed a live band. The original band consisted of Nate Mendel on bass,  William Goldsmith on drums

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Philip K. Dick: The Legacy of One of Sci-fi’s Greatest Visionaries

15 09 2011

Many people are not familiar with the name Philip K. Dick, yet they are probably
very familiar with his stories. One of his most beloved stories “Do androids
dream of electric sheep? ” was adapted into film in the form of the Sci-fi
classic “Blade Runner” starring Harrison Ford. Other noteworthy films Based on
the stories of Philip K. Dick are: Screamers, Minority report and Paycheck. His
stories often have a dark tone and some are outright disturbing, but that is
what makes his stories so appealing.

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Points that Congress Should Consider to Help Decrease the Debt

14 09 2011

Points that Congress Should Consider to Help Decrease the Debt:

1.  Stop the $2 billion a day war. Our goal was reached last year. Why are we still there? Revenge?That certainly has already been met. We have been there TEN YEARS and over 5,000 people too long! Bring back our soldiers and war equipment
(do not leave the war equipment there to be used on us at a later date). Tea Party it is time to become a PEACE PARTY.

2.  Increase taxes on the Rich in this country so that they will pay the same percentage of tax as the rest of us who are well under $200,000 in this country  pay .

3 .  Increase taxes on large industry and large corporations why are
they getting huge tax breaks to outsource supplies and jobs oversea to other countries. Impose a penalty tax on any industry or corporation which out sources materials, products, or jobs to foreign countries

4.  Reinstate protective tariffs. Make it less expensive to buy American
products made from American material made by American workers under American regulations.

5.  Reject any proposed decreases in minimum wage standards, child labor laws and labor & bargaining . Protect the American Worker who is also the American Voting Public.

6.  Congressmen should have to serve at least 15 yrs to get any money when they leave office. The pay should be considerably less than their in office pay and the amount determined by the number of years in Congress, 15,20, 25, 30,etc. That is how the American worker is give retirement . The Congressman should have to be at least 65 before drawing any of the money.

7. Congress should never be allowed to vote for their own pay raises. (this is the only thing that both parties could agree on.). With the debt ceiling so high and you threatened to not pay government employees, military, police,fireman, teachers and people on Social Security, SHAME ON YOU FOR VOTING A PAY INCREASE FOR YOURSELVES! Congress pay increase should only be determined by the lower CPI or 3% and maybe should be approved by the American Voting Public. IT IS TIME TO BE ACTIVE. The American public can no longer be the passive silent majority of this country. BE SILENT NO LONGER! Write your Congressmen,Senators, and President. LET the people whom we employ that they are no longer our bosses but we are their boss. Congress work in our best interest (like you promised). WE will take Action. Let Your voices be HEARD!

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Champions of Climate change denial

4 05 2011

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