The world is spiraling out of control

29 06 2010

The world seem to have gone completly insane. not that it ever was sane to begin with. Israel attacks a humanitarian aid ship in international waters, and our government doesn’t condem thier actions. in canada, a country that is known for being peaceful, is the sight of unprovoked police violence against peaceful protesters and jounralists in front of the G20 summit. We are in two wars that seem to have no end in sight. the war in afghanistan has become the longest war in the history of the united states, and our president saays will be there another 5 years(and thats if things go well, and they won’t). And thats just a few of the crazy things that are going on in the world today. The world is spiraling out of control, and I feel hopless to do anything about it.
can anything be done about it?


Please help

29 06 2010

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Is the god of Jesus the god of the old testament?

28 06 2010

The purpose of this article is not to offend anyone. But, if it does, I really don’t care. I am sure lots of christians out there will probablly be praying for my soul. Don’t, pray for your own.               

Well, here goes.

Is the god of Jesus the god of the old testament? My answer is no. The god that Jesus speaks of is a loving, compassionate god. A father who loves all his children. A god of peace. The god of the old testament is nothing like this. This is a god that punishes mankind for eternity for some thing the first man and woman did. Their crime was disobeying god and gaining. A god that wanted us to remain ignorant. Jesus on the other hand said “seek the truth, and it will set you free”. the god of the old testament tied to wipe out humanity with a flood. this god tells his people to go into villages and kill every man woman and child. Where is the Love in that? what Kind of god tells his people to commit such atrocities. That’s another thing, why would a kind  and loving god favor one race over all others? This is a rascist god.

God tells Abraham to murder his own son, then when he was about to do it , god pretty much says, I was just kidding, but now I know that you  are obiedient. this is a sadistic god.   in the old testament, when it talks about how the  Pharoh fed the hebrew children to the crocidiles, every one says how evil it was. but when god curses Egypt, and kills evvery first born son. it’s alright. So, it is bad if we do it, but it is ok if god does it. The god of jesus would never be like this.

So, Is the god of Jesus the god of the old testement? No.

I rest my case.

The Berlin Wall of Theology

26 06 2010

You may be baffled at the title of this article. I will explain. every one knows about the berlin wall. it was a wall that divided what was essentialy one people, and turned them into enemies. Religion also divides one people and divides them, and turns them against each other. Here I used the turn theology. This is because not only do the major religions separate us, but also different theologies within those religions. This is because of what I call the “I am right and you are wrong ” syndrome. Christians can’t get along with other christians, Muslims can’t get along with other muslims, hindu can’t get along with other Hindus. If we can’t get along with people with the same basic religious beliefs as us, How can we get along with people with different core beliefs?

Take christianity for example. If you put a bunch of preachers from different denominations together in the same room together, and have them discuss what it means to be a christian there would be a heated argument that would erupt into name calling, and possibly fist fights. You would essentially have christians acting very unChristian like. So of course  they wouldnt get along with Hindus, Muslims or even Budhists for that matter. We let our preconceptions get in the way of our spirital growth, and in the way of building a global comunity (or al local one). We are so busy pointing out the differences in our beliefs ,  that we failt to see the similarities. Instead of seeking peace like our spiritual teachers, we march off to war. Will the crusades ever end, or ar we all doomed.

mister minister, tear down this wall.

peace to you all.


Christopher Jay Thompson

The longest war

24 06 2010

this is a link to an ABC news article, if you need proof that the war in afghanistan is the longest war in American history.

The war in Afghanistan has surpassed the Vietnam war as the longest war in American history.

Yes, the Afghanistan war has lasted longer then Vietnam.

Obiviously we had smarter leaders back then(Which is sad, because they were morons) who at least Knew when to give up.

This objective of this war has changed drasticaly since when it started.

When we started this supposed war on terror , they told us we were going to get Bin Laden and rid Afghanistan of

Al Qaeda.

Bin laden got away and Al Qeada left Afghanistan.

Yet, we are still there.

We didn’t go in to fight the Taliban for control of the country.


We have Been lied to!! We have been Swindled.

President Obama Has turned out to be a Bush in sheeps clothing.

I am sick of being betrayed by souless politicians who time and time again get caught with thier hands in the Imperial cookie Jar.

today I saw Obama”s comment on the firing of McChrystal, he said, and I quote:

” He  underminds civilian control of the Military,”


Civillian control of the Military?

Dos Tha son of a bitch think that we are Idiots?

If civillians had any control of the military all of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan would be coming home today.

Does he not Know that an outstanding majority of americans are against  both of the wars?

If there was civillian control of the military, then how come we never even get to vote on whether our country goes to war?

Mr. President, you can kiss my ass!!!!!!

Power to the people



the road to freedom

23 06 2010

Wars are the road blocks, and crooked politicians are the bandits along the way.It is not enough to say this war is wrong, or that war is wrong.

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