Obama Reveals a Sure Fire Plan for Economic Recovery

27 09 2011

In a town hall meeting hosted by LinkedIn, President Obama showed that he
does know what he is doing when it came to the economy. Despite accusations by
Republicans that he is trying Destroy the country, he shows that he is very much
trying to save the country from an recession that was the Result of the 8 years
of the Bush presidency. He began by addressing the unemployment problem facing
the nation. He said that the American Jobs Act would put people back to work.

In regards to taxes , Obama said that the tax code must be reformed and that
everyone must do their share. I assume by everyone he meant the rich.

He said that the middle class should not pay higher taxes than the rich.

He said that in order for the economy to recover, America must pass the
American Jobs Act. He said that the bill would increase the GDP by 2% and would
increase employment by 1.9%. The numbers might sound small, but from the time
the economy was stable to the beginning of the recession the Unemployment rate
only increased so the small numbers have a large impact.

A small business owner asked the President if Obama if he would get rid of
taxes and regulations that hurt small businesses. To that question, he replied
that the government has already cut taxes for small businesses 16 times since he
has been in office.

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Here’s the Birth certificate

12 04 2011

Stupidity is an Contagious disease that is infecting our Nation.

22 02 2011

 Ever since I was a child, I realized people were idiots. But int the past ten years the IQ of the United states has taken a plumet. I rember when I could relax knowing that Rush Limbaugh was the dumbest  right winger  in the media. Now  we have mental midgets like Bill O’riely and Glen Beck. But, that’s not all there are entire  “news”  networks populated with i.diots. Peolpe with there stupid “Comunists are taking over the country” conspirracy theories. It’s like a flash back from the 1950s and the Mccarthy hearings. Sorry to tell you  this  Glenn, but the country has already been taken over   by Fascist morons. Acording to Glen beck  the Comunists are co conspiring with the “Islamo-fascists”. 

 This kind of rubbish is spreading like wild fire. Idiotic theories as Obama being a  a Muslim Socialist/comunist who was born in Kenya. What? First of all, republican’s do not realize that comunism and socialism are two different things.  Second of all  there are countries that  thrive under socialism, Evil nations such as Switzerland and The netherlands. Wach out, the Swiss are going to take over the world. thirdly, WTF!!!!

No form of media is safe from these Blubbering Idiots. Blogging has also Become Moronpublican territory.One of these Idiots in particular Is Michael Stollaire, who’s entire  blog here on word press is deticated to the Idea that the Evil comunist democrates are leading the country in to ruin. Exactly how are they doing that Michael, by cleaning up the messes that republicans have made? Any one who doesn’t make the Rich richer and the poor porrer, is a communist in the eyes of Republicans. The thing is , I would take communism over Fascist corporate bullshit any day. Why don’t  You guys just be Honest why you dont like Obama, he’s Black, and he puts limits on your evil ass corporations.

Please do me a favor and grow a brain.

Obama’s Withdrawl from Iraq is a deception.

2 08 2010

Obamas promise to bring all our troops home is a deception. Some of our troops will come home. But 50 thousand troops will remain in Iraq (The same number of troops involved in the original invasion) to train the Iraqi military, provide security, and engage in anti terroist operations. What? Isn’t that the same thing we have been doing for the past 8 years. Obama says that it will be an end to combat operations. Isn’t providing security and engaging in anti terorist operations combat? Sure, we well just call combat by different names, and call it ending the war. Oh, and there isn’t even a mention withdrawing any of the Mercenary armies. Hey, thats a plan, bring home some of our troops, and replace them with moree Blackwater mercenaries. Iam suddenly flashing back to when we toppled Sadam’s regime and bush declaring the war to be over. This isn’t what Obama promised. Damn he is a good liar. He ought to teach a course in deception 101. Yes mr .president we Know you don’t have a Crystal ball, you only have a silver tongue and an Iron fist.Welcome to Bush’s 3rd term.

Freedom of the press?

26 07 2010


One of the foundations that our country was built on was freedom of the press. Aparrently that doesnt apply if you piss off the military, or the government. Wiki leaks has been shut down in the United states. This was due to the release of the Infamous black hawk video in which US soldiers brutaly murdered innocent civilians in Iraq from a blackhawk while joking and laughing about it. The government said that wikileaks is putting  National security at risk. What? How is that a threat to national  security? The truth is that Military recruit ment was already at an all time low, and this footage would discourage  people from enlisting even more than before it’s release. 

  The soldiers who commited this Atrocity were not repimanded or put on trial. Instead they arrested and court martialed the man who leaked the video. Why? because it was clasified infomation. But why was it clasified? Because it was the truth, Because it made the military look bad. Well, if the shoe fits. President Barrack Obush, and his administration are going after wistle blowers and truth tellers at an alarming rate. McChrystal  was fired after an interview in the rolling stone was published. They claim it was because of insults directed at Obama and his cabinet members. But it was really over the fact that he said that the war in Afghanistan was un-winable, which was a truth that had already been stated by the UN.  Another person in the government had to appologize for her statement in which she said that Israel should get out of Palestine. What Kind of country do we live in where telling the truth is a crime. Iam so dissapointed in Obama because I really believed his lies, I Tought he would change things for the better. I thought the bush administration would end with the bush administration. I was Wrong.

Killing in the name of jesus

13 07 2010

I’m sick am tired of  all this talk about Islam being a violent religion. It’s kind of funny that before 911, people weren’t hating on muslims. We as Americans have let this Anti-Islam war propaganda turn us into monsters. Islam the most Violent religion? I think not. Lets look at the continent of Africa, one of the most violent continents. Contra to what most westerners think, the Majority religion is Christianity not Islam. Most of the Genocide carried out is in christian nations by christians, not Muslims. the demonization of Islam is a product of war propaganda. There  has to be a bad guy. First it was the indians(Who were slaughtered by a christian nation), then it was the Japs, then it was the communists, now it’s Muslims. We keep falling for the same scam time and time again.

If you want to point the fingers  at a religion for being violent take a look at history. More blood has been shed in the name of Jesus, than any other name. Does this make all christians killers? no but we will point the finger at others. To say that all muslims are violent, and terrorists is insane. Saying   that alqeada represents Islam, is like saying David Koresh, and Jim Jones represent Christianity. We need to stop the cycle of  Hate before it destroys us all.

The longest war

24 06 2010

this is a link to an ABC news article, if you need proof that the war in afghanistan is the longest war in American history.


The war in Afghanistan has surpassed the Vietnam war as the longest war in American history.

Yes, the Afghanistan war has lasted longer then Vietnam.

Obiviously we had smarter leaders back then(Which is sad, because they were morons) who at least Knew when to give up.

This objective of this war has changed drasticaly since when it started.

When we started this supposed war on terror , they told us we were going to get Bin Laden and rid Afghanistan of

Al Qaeda.

Bin laden got away and Al Qeada left Afghanistan.

Yet, we are still there.

We didn’t go in to fight the Taliban for control of the country.


We have Been lied to!! We have been Swindled.

President Obama Has turned out to be a Bush in sheeps clothing.

I am sick of being betrayed by souless politicians who time and time again get caught with thier hands in the Imperial cookie Jar.

today I saw Obama”s comment on the firing of McChrystal, he said, and I quote:

” He  underminds civilian control of the Military,”


Civillian control of the Military?

Dos Tha son of a bitch think that we are Idiots?

If civillians had any control of the military all of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan would be coming home today.

Does he not Know that an outstanding majority of americans are against  both of the wars?

If there was civillian control of the military, then how come we never even get to vote on whether our country goes to war?

Mr. President, you can kiss my ass!!!!!!

Power to the people



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