The Evils of the new Evangelical Movement

27 02 2011

When I speak of the new Evangelical movement I am not talking about something brand new. I am talking about a  dangerous theology that began with people Like Oral Roberts, and was brought to the mainstream by people such as Pat Robertson. It has imbedded itself in various denominations. It is a politically Conservative  oriented movement and is poisoning the minds of americans as well as in north african countries. One famous person who subscribes to this belief system is former president George W Bush. Groups like the Christian coalition and the American Family Association. It is  a theology that embraces Homophobia, Islamiphobia and censorship. They claim that the constitution does not ban separation of church and state and that their religious beliefs should be the basis of American politics. They also believe that it is their duty to bring about the apocalypse.

  There was a book I looked at , at my local walmart(which is a Christian coalition owned store) , that adhered to this theology. It was saying that such things as Illness and poverty, were not caused by things like microorganisms and greedy corporations, but curses from the devil. Talk about being out of sync with the 21st Century, or the 18th century for that matter. It went on to talk about things that were evil and brought about  such curses. It included such things as sexual fantasies and masturbation, and not following  the Government. So god wants us to  grow up to be sexually frustrated psychos who blindly follow the government. Also it listed things that were evil teachings, Besides Just the Usual christian thing of naming all non-christian religions, It also listed Meditation and martial arts. Last thing we want is for our children to have is a balanced mind, discipline and the ability to defend themselves. I could list all the weird and twisted beliefs of the new evangelism, but that would probably take an entire book.

Why christians get a bad rap

2 07 2010

I'm Pat Robertson, and I hate the ACLU

 Have you ever wondered why christians get a bad rap? May be it’s because of people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, fred Phelps and  other false prophets.These jerks hide thier hatred under the mask of religion. The worst part is that people fall for this act. 

First lets talk about the lesser known Fred Phelps. Fred Phelps is the Founder of the westboro baptist church, as well as the websites  and
The Westboro baptist church is registered hate group. Phelps and his gang protest at funerals of gay people, carrying signs with slogans like God hates fags. They are spreaders of homophobia and Anti semitism. fred phelps once made a statment saying that the Holocaust was a good thing, and that the jews deserved it. What kind of shit is that? Oh, and who can forget the westboro church’s remake  of  we are the world, god hates the world. I saw this video on you tube and thought it was a joke, and was totall apalled when I found out that it was no joke.
    then we come to Pat Robertson, who’s ignorance never ceases to amaze. Shortly after september 11, Pat Robertson said that the atacks were gods punishment, that Gays, Feminists, Abortionists, and The ACLU shared part of the blame. The ACLU? Yes Pat, god hate’s civil rights. What a douche bag. In another incident Pat said that Feminists were incouraging women to leave thier husbands, become lesbians and kill thier children, What a crock of shit. and of course everyone knows about his infamous Haiti madde a pact with the devil comment. He also defended Israel’s deadly raid, saying that those people got what they deserve. Jerry Fallwell, one of pat’s closest friends  said back in the 60’s that segragation was god’s will. The reason Christians get a bad rap is because jackasses like these guys. So, of course people get the impression that Christians are assholes. But they don’t represent Christians. to say that these freaks represent Christianity is like saying Bin Laden represents Muslims. Religion is supposed to be about love, not hate. and no pat, god doesn’t talk to you , if he did he would tell you that you are a prick.

No this isnt the guy from poltergeist 2 it's fred phelps

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