Libya: A possible third war.

24 03 2011

Recently a UN coalition headed by the united states began operations to enforce a no fly zone over Libya. I have been thinking the same thing every other sensible american is thinking”not another war”.  of course our government assures us that we won’t commit ground troops, and it will only take a little while. That’s what they said about Iraq. This move may spell political suicide for Obama, but then again all the republican presidential hopefuls are members ofthe teaparty, so he still stands a chance. President Obama  said when he was running for president that he was going to get us out of Iraq and Afgahnistan, an close GTMO. He hasn’t done any of those things, yet he gets us involved in another conflict, against the advice of the secretary of Defense. How come presidents never listen to the Secretary of defense? that is why he is there to advise the president on thing pertaining to war and defense.Bush didn’t Listen to powell about Iraq, Look what happened.

  I think  their should be a requirment that presidential canidates should have Military comand eperience, in order to be president. One of the Main powers of the presidency is bei9ng in command ofg the US armed forces,so if you have no military experience you shouldn’t be president. I am so sick of these rich politicians starting wars that are being fought by a military made up mostly of the working class. If Politicians want to start wars they should have to fight along side our troops. See how many wars they would start then. I do feel for the people of Lybia, but we allready have our hands full. I am not buying the reason the president is giving for our  action in Libya. If it was about  protecting innocent people, how come nothing is even being said to Saudi Arabia about them sending in troops to baharain to help kill of the protesters? If Libya didn’t have lots of oil we wouuldn’t give a damn about helping them.

What about helping mexico in their war against the druglords? Oh, yeah there is no free oil in it for us. The problem in mexico has much more of an affect on us, many american tourists have been killed because of the violence. Mexico is right next door to us, but we are woried about some tiny little country on the other side of the world. We will send  ships with cruise missles, and aircraft carriers to Lybia, but thge only thing we did for mexico is send in 2 drones, after 3 years of conflict.It is all about political agenda, the entire of middle east and parts of north africa are  descending into revolution, against dictators who were put into power  by the united states, so by going against Gadahfi we are making our selves look good to the people of these nations, so we can keep our hands on thier oil.

Thank you Mr. President for getting us in another damn war!



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