Freedom, Revolution and Idiots on Yahoo

20 02 2011

 In light of the  domino effect of revolution in the middle east and North Africa I find myself excited. To see People who have been terified of their leaderd finally standing up againgt them. This Is truly awesome, Democracy in the middle east becoming a reality, and not just some excuse for American wars. It is sad that our government was at first opposed to the over throw of the egyptian leader. Finally proof that our country is more interested in having Dictators in the middle east that do our bidding, than having democracy in the middle east. There we have it , The US government cares more about thier own agenda then Democracy. I was also disgusted  When I read the comments on yahoo news on the articles of the  protests in the middle east. So many americans who are the first to use the term freedom when defending American wars, saying how wrong it is for those people to  want to be free. Such hipocracy. this is why our own government walks all over us. Americans love to talk about freedom, yet they badmouth anyone who exercises it or, seeks it. the truth is , Americans are afraid of true freedom, they just like the Idea of freedom. Yahoo is also being used as a forum for anti-muslim hatred, even though this has nothing to do with religion. I have become ashamed of my fellow americans. when are we going to practice what e preach?

 Unlike some of my Fellow citizend, I admire these people who are seeking freedom. The Lybian’s are the ones I admire the most though. They knew that Kadafhi would killed them if they spoke out against him, yet they didnt let that stop them. even after at least 200 protesters were murdered by police and military, they still arent backing down. How can you not respect that? These people would rather die free, than to live with ouut freedom. This kind of Ideology is the foundation on which our country was built on. Unfortunately, our country has degeerated into a nation of brainwashed  yes men. when did we become so weak. we are no longer Citizens, we are consumers, mindless drones.

any one who doesn’t stand up for freedom doesnt have the right to exist.

give me liberty or give me death.

Israel Does Not Discriminate Based On Religion

26 08 2010

Israel does not discriminate based on religion, they kill all palestinians equally. If you are a palestinian, fret not,If you are a Muslim, Christian or Jew, Israel will opress, and exteminete you just the same. Israel doesn’t just hate muslims, they hate brown skin middle eastern people too. The village of Bedouin has been demolished repeatedly and they are Jewish palestinians. Israeli Jews believe they are the master race acording to a former prime minister of Israel (Even though they arent a race, well they’re caucasian if that counts). and as a master race they want to get rid of anyone in palestine who isn’t one of them. thier goal is simple, to stuggle towards a palestine free of anyone who isn’t white and jewish. This has Been thier goal since Isrrael was aestablished as a jewish State, to obtain all the land of palestine, and get rid of all the palestinians. Isn’t this a wonderful thing that the US government supports. yes your tax dollars are going towards sending  weapons of mass destruction to israel,for the noble purpose of genocide.

the road to freedom

23 06 2010

Wars are the road blocks, and crooked politicians are the bandits along the way.It is not enough to say this war is wrong, or that war is wrong.

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