Global Warming: Not Gore’s Theory

24 08 2010

The topic of global warming didnt seem to debate util Al Gore made a documentary about it. It seem that since Gore made the documentary, all republicans have tried to say that its a rediculous theory and is’t very likely. First of all it isn’t Al gore’s theory, or a new one at that. As a matter of fact it isn’t a theory, since all evidence point to it being a reality. I was learning about global warming in 7th grade, I am 34 now, so the Idea has been around since before anyone knew who Gore was. Some people have argued that it is just natuaral, mainly Manufacturers, oil companies, and the people who invest in these corporations. so, the hole in the ozone layer is natural? speaking of a rediculous theory. The temperatures on this planet have been increasing at an alarming rate since industrialization began. If I was a corporation that was poluting the air, i would eny global warming too, because I would be too cheap to equip my factories with the necessary equipment to lower emissions. This I dea that All the polluting we do has no affect on our planet is preposterous. we can keep denying that were destroying the planet and ensure its destruction, or we can start doing something before it’s too late.



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