Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress is a Display of Zionist Treachery

29 05 2011

by  Christopher Jay Thompson

Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to congress was a glorious display of total disregard for the rights of the Palestinian people. This man is  an arrogant dictator that the world has not seen the likes of  since Adolf Hitler. If you Notice, Netanyahu doesn’t have the Russian accent that is prevalent amongst the majority of Israelis, that’s because he lived a majority of his childhood in the United States. Even though his speech was full of lies and utter fabrications, I got to admit, he is a very good speech maker. Well let us delve into the speech.

Netanyahu began his speech by stating “I do see a lot of old friends here and  I see a lot of new friends of Israel here as well. Republicans and Democrats alike.” and continued by saying “Israel has no better  friend   than America, and America has no better friend than Israel”. What He means is Israel has no other friend but America. Neither Netanyahu, or any other Israeli politician can go anywhere in Europe, Including England, for fear of being arrested for war crimes. As far as the second part goes, Israel is not Americas best friend, We were attacked on 911 because  of our support of Israel. We are fighting terrorists because of Israel. Billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is sent to Israel every year in the form of weapons, ammunition  and cash  To Israel to help them oppress the Palestinian people.

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Obama Middle East Speech Proves That He has No Intention to Change Foreign Policy

22 05 2011

By Christopher Thompson

I know that I am a little late on Obama’s recent Middle East speech, that’s because I just watched it. There is a lot of buzz around this speech particularly from the religious right about the part of the

speech involving the Israel-palestine conflict. I heard al these right wingers talk about how Obama is Betraying Israel. How do they figure? What I got from the speech is that Obama is screwing Palestine just as much as every politician before him.

First of all, I don’t believe we should be supporting Israel period, just like we shouldn’t have helped create the Zionist state at the end of WWII. Sure Obama talks of a Palestinian state, but not one that has a chance of surviving. I love how our politicians always demands that Palestine acknowledge Israel’s right to exists, yet nobody says that Israel should acknowledge Palestine’s right to exist.

Obama says “Our friendship with Israel is rooted deep in shared History and values.” What, Like the fact that both nations were founded by white Europeans, who went to a land that wasn’t theirs, to kill the indigenous people to steal their land? He also goes on to say that we won’t stand for Israel to be singled out By the International community. Kind of like how The US singles out Iran, while Our Allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia get a license to kill? Even Iran doesn’t go into international waters and attack ships with Humanitarian aid, in violation of Geneva convention rules.

He goes on to state “Every state has the right to self-defense, and Israel must be allowed to defend themselves. ” Yet, his plan calls for a demilitarized Palestine.
Wait, a minute, didn’t he say every state has the right to defend themselves? Yet he calls for a Palestine that is not even allowed the means to defend its self . Israel’s history of “defending” itself is to attack other countries and settle its land, and if those countries truly defend themselves they are called terrorists. Israel doesn’t only occupy Palestinian land, they also occupy land that once belonged to Lebanon , Syria and Jordan. Wow, self-defence really seems to work to Israel’s advantage. every time Israel “defends” themselves, they acquire more land. So, basically when Obama says that every state has the right to self-defense, every one translates to Israel, and self-defense translates to Imperialist expansion.
There you have it folks, Obama has not done a damn thing to change our flawed foreign policy.

Immune to the pain

14 04 2011

The truth about Israel

11 08 2010

This first video is a speach given By A Jewish Israeli Historian

Israel is at it again

11 07 2010

Contrary to what alot of americans believe, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has not gone on for thousans of years.It has been going on since the end of world war 2, when the current state of Israel was created. Israel is a state that is made up of mostly European Jews. Israel is a Ocupying force. Since Its creation, Israel has continued to force the Palestinians(The  original inhabitants) off of thier land by acts of war.

Recently Israel has begun to fence off a village in southern Jerusalem, cuting the village off from thier farm land. According to Israel, it is to protect Israel. Here’s the problem with that statement. In Jerusalem palestinians and Israelis are living in peace. So, what Is it Protecting israel from, peace? It seems like thier protecting Palestinian farmland frrom the farmers. It would appear that Israel has learned a lesson from the history of the Indian wars. If you cut off all means of self sustainment, they will have to do as you say ,  or starve to death. Yes, whats going on in palestineis a repeat of what the U.S. did to thee Native americans. That’s probably why we support Israel, because we did the same thing. Israel is a terrorist state. We as americans have the power to stop what is going on over there. We are probably thier last true ally. If we refused to support them if they didnt make things righht, Israel would do what we say.But as long as america supports Zionist terrorism, there will be no peace  in the middle east.

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