Ground Zero Mosque?

19 08 2010

 Right now if you turn on the news all you hear about is people protesting the Building of the “Ground zero mosque”. First of all, what they are going to build is not a Mosque. A mosque can only be used for the purpose of prayer and worship. What is going to be built is an Islamic cultural center. It will provide cooking classes, basketball courts, a Gym and other services, and the top floor will be a prayer space for Muslims. Even if it was a mosque, what threat does worship services have?

    Secondly lets talk about the location. First the media said it was on ground zero, then they said it was two and a half blocks from Ground zero. Niether of which is true. It is Two and a half blocks from the east edge of the world trade center complex, which is composed of atleast a dozen buildings. In reality, the location of the proposed Culture center is more than 5 blocks from ground zero. There are several actual mosques much closer to Ground Zero. one of which is less than a block away . I dont see anyone protestig at those locations. There is no excuse for these people to sit there with signs that say things Like Jesus hates Muslims. Jesus doesn’t hate any one, and If he did it wouldn’t be Muslims. Muslims revere Jesus as much, if not more than christians do. There is more about Jesus in the Koran then there is in the Holy Bible. All of which is positive.The majority of the Protesters are right wing Christians, and Republicans. One of the  main opponets of the Islamic culture center is Pat Robertson, A man who has lost all credibility. To be truthful none of the protesters are true christians at all. To be a Christian is to walk in the foots steps of Jesus. To live according to his teachngs and to love as he loved . These people show none of those  things. They need to stop using Jeesus as a platforf for preaching hate. This is the USA and every one should be able to practice religion, regardless of what religion it is  without being Harrassed and disrespected. It is so Un-American to behave the way this protestors are be having. If you want to protest against something, protest against American foriegn Policy.

Peace to all.



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