SIDS: Will It Ever Be Preventable?

21 08 2010

   this post is different then most of my articles, which are usualy about Politics or Religion. The reason I am writing about SIDS  is because it is a very personal subject for me. Recently a friendof my girlfriend’s lost here baby to SIDS. It Brought alot of feelings about my nephew who also died of Sids. Mason and his twin sister Kylee  were born almost seven years ago. Mason was the healthier of the two.Mason had never been hospitalized for anything, while Kylee was ill often, and was in the hospital frequently. Shortly after the twins were born, my sister had to return to work. the twins were enrolled in day care. One day my sister got a frantic call from the daycare center. Mason had stoped breathing for no apparent reason. They Believe that Mason stopped breathing right after he was put down to sleep. The day care people check the babies every 30 minutes. When they went to check on Mason he was blue and wasn’t Breathing. His heart had been stopped for at least a half hour before the paramedics arrived on the scene. Some how they were able to revive him and put him on life support. When he was examined by the doctor in the ER, It was determined that he was brain dead. Mason was 4 months old. My Sister and my brother wer faced with the decision of whether or not to pull the plug. They decided to pull the plug because they no he was not really alive. The only good to come out of this is that maybe his death will help forward research on SIDS. Maybee one day they will figure out the cause of Sids. If they determin the cause maybe they can prevent it so that other families don’t have to suffer the way we have suffered.



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