Obama’s Withdrawl from Iraq is a deception.

2 08 2010

Obamas promise to bring all our troops home is a deception. Some of our troops will come home. But 50 thousand troops will remain in Iraq (The same number of troops involved in the original invasion) to train the Iraqi military, provide security, and engage in anti terroist operations. What? Isn’t that the same thing we have been doing for the past 8 years. Obama says that it will be an end to combat operations. Isn’t providing security and engaging in anti terorist operations combat? Sure, we well just call combat by different names, and call it ending the war. Oh, and there isn’t even a mention withdrawing any of the Mercenary armies. Hey, thats a plan, bring home some of our troops, and replace them with moree Blackwater mercenaries. Iam suddenly flashing back to when we toppled Sadam’s regime and bush declaring the war to be over. This isn’t what Obama promised. Damn he is a good liar. He ought to teach a course in deception 101. Yes mr .president we Know you don’t have a Crystal ball, you only have a silver tongue and an Iron fist.Welcome to Bush’s 3rd term.



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