The World Police

8 08 2010

   Recently the united states began drafting a nuclear treaty with Vietnam, that will allow them to enrich Uranium and have a civillian nuclear energy program,yet we deny the same to Iran. What’s up with that? We are allowing a country that we were once at war with have a nuclear energy program, yet we deny it to Iran, a country that we were never at war with. Maybe its because Israel  doesn’t hate on Vietnam, and doesn’t like Iran.

  Now lets focus on the middle east. We will not allow any country in the middle east except Israel, to have even a civillian nuclear energy program. Yet we allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons. This is such a double standard. We go around telling everyone what they can or can’t do, like we’re the police. We are not the world police, and we need to stop acting like it. We allow our allies do anything they want, Including civil rights violations, and genocide, while denying countries  that we dont like the ability to even sustain themselves.   Yet we wonder why half the world hates us. The United states government needs to practice what they preach. Stop trying to be the world police.



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26 08 2010
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