Israel Does Not Discriminate Based On Religion

26 08 2010

Israel does not discriminate based on religion, they kill all palestinians equally. If you are a palestinian, fret not,If you are a Muslim, Christian or Jew, Israel will opress, and exteminete you just the same. Israel doesn’t just hate muslims, they hate brown skin middle eastern people too. The village of Bedouin has been demolished repeatedly and they are Jewish palestinians. Israeli Jews believe they are the master race acording to a former prime minister of Israel (Even though they arent a race, well they’re caucasian if that counts). and as a master race they want to get rid of anyone in palestine who isn’t one of them. thier goal is simple, to stuggle towards a palestine free of anyone who isn’t white and jewish. This has Been thier goal since Isrrael was aestablished as a jewish State, to obtain all the land of palestine, and get rid of all the palestinians. Isn’t this a wonderful thing that the US government supports. yes your tax dollars are going towards sending  weapons of mass destruction to israel,for the noble purpose of genocide.



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