The Imbecile’s Guide to Discrediting Intelligent Rebuttals to your blog

10 04 2011


1) Point out all of the comment’s grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes to help discredit the commentors intelligence.

2) Find any means by which to avoid discussing any of the content in the comment that may disprove your article’s relevance.

3) If the commenter asks any questions that you don’t have the answer to, tell them that the article already answered those questions; even if it doesn’t(especially if it doesn’t)

4) Accuse the commenter of being a Socialist,  Communist,  Hippy, liberal, or Anarchist.(as all of these words are interchangeable)

5) If said commenter has the nasty habit of stating facts,demand that they give you proof. If the have the audacity to actually give you proof, find ways to discredit the intelligence of their sources.

6) If none of the above tactics work, resort to vicious name calling.

7) if that still doesn’t work, delete the comment, and ban anymore comments from this person.


Julian Assange is the shisnick!!!

29 07 2010

If you don’ know who Julian Assange is you probably don’t own a TV, acomputer with the internet, or read the Newspapers. Assange has praticaly become a household name since his website wikileaks put out the infamous”Capital murder” video footage. He has made enemies with The United states government, as well as other world governments by releasing leaked military inteligence documents to the general public of the world. both the UK and Russia have blocked access of certain wikileaks material from being available to thier citizens, and Germany wants to prosecute Assange.Recently Julian Assange was supposed to speak at a conference in new york, where federal agents were waiting for him. Of course he didnt show up, instead another reperesenative of wikileaks spoke in his place.

     Alot of people are up in arms over the wikileaks release of the Afghanistan war diaries. Regardless of the legality of the release, The american people have a right to Know about what is really going on in this war. The Us government Keeps talking about the material possibly endangering American lives. Yeah right, more like endangering thier chance for re-election. For sure it is going to endanger support of the war. I am tired of the government withholding the truth about this war. The war is going nowhere, after 9 years we ware no closer to winning this war than we were when it started. Regardles what people  think, I believe that Assange is a god damn hero. Mr. Assange, keep doing what you are doing, and be very careful.

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