Tea party Vocabulary

24 04 2011

The tea party seems to be taking over the republican party. They seem to be taking over the red states. this is be cause of the great vocabulary they use such as Prtotecting the freedom of Americans and sticking up for small businesses. Yet, to really know what they are talking about, you have to have the proper definitions of the words they are using.Yes, the tea party has their own definitions.

Theese are a few of those definitions:

Americans- Corporations

Private ownership- corporate control of everything

National defense- Attacking all countries that don’t do what we say.

Terrorists- Mexicans

Limited government- the government is limited to one political party, the republican party.

Small businesses- Companies that make less than 52 billion dollars.


The Imbecile’s Guide to Discrediting Intelligent Rebuttals to your blog

10 04 2011


1) Point out all of the comment’s grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes to help discredit the commentors intelligence.

2) Find any means by which to avoid discussing any of the content in the comment that may disprove your article’s relevance.

3) If the commenter asks any questions that you don’t have the answer to, tell them that the article already answered those questions; even if it doesn’t(especially if it doesn’t)

4) Accuse the commenter of being a Socialist,  Communist,  Hippy, liberal, or Anarchist.(as all of these words are interchangeable)

5) If said commenter has the nasty habit of stating facts,demand that they give you proof. If the have the audacity to actually give you proof, find ways to discredit the intelligence of their sources.

6) If none of the above tactics work, resort to vicious name calling.

7) if that still doesn’t work, delete the comment, and ban anymore comments from this person.

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