Roger that, here are some academic papers

2 05 2011

Roger from New Zeland keeps ridiculing me for not showing academic papers to prove my point on global warming.Here they are;

corporate influence of media

AEA report

korea report on global warming

university Idaho report

EPA not helping environment



3 responses

3 05 2011

thats funny coming from someone whos blog is one page. I guess that is why you have time to pester people.

3 05 2011


So you found some academic papers? Very good! Although it appears that the writers are generally assuming AGW is true and building their argument about some other point on that, except for the last one which analyses a court decision made about the responsibilities of the EPA rather than saying anything directly about AGW at all.

You usually use academic papers to reinforce what you are saying in your post, but it appears you are saying nothing.
Really you are missing the point somewhat.



3 05 2011

roger all you are doing is making yourself look like a total douche.

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