31 07 2010

Wi-spy is the begining of a trend in cyber spying. It began with google releasing personal records of individual web searches. google recently illegaly tapped wi-fi networks downloading thousands of files of personal information. The latest developement bywi-spy is a company called recorded future. Recorded future will give the government total access to personal internet records of all residents of the United states. It will use these records to predict possible actions of individuals by observing internet use patterns. For instance, If I continualy visit sites that contain what is considered “non-patriotic” material, there prediction would assume that Iwill become a terrorist or a reolutionary. This is a load of bullshit. This sort of thing  can’t be legal, let alone constitutional. We all know that Bush was bad (most of us , anyway) but there has been alot more sinister stuff going on under Obama’s watch. This is just an extention of bush’s infamous telephone monitoring scam. No one with half a brain thinks the government is spying on us to keep us safe.

  I thought freedom was the basic principle of this nation. Yet,time after time our rights and freedoms are violated by a government that claims to be a democracy. We have a right to privacy, yet many citizens constantly defend this violation of privacy. They say things like “we got to make sacrifices if we want to be safe”, all of this is prepostorous. Because of the actions of our govenment in the last decade, we are less safe then we were on 911. like violating our constitutional rights has anything to do with national security.  If the government cared about national security, the national gaurd would be here insteaad of Iraq and Afghanistan. If we were invaded right now, we would be screwed because most of our military is onthe other side of the world.  We have a right to not be spyed on by our government. Iam tired of the american public being treated like we’re the enemy. Andas far as sacrifices go, the working class has been making sacrifices since this country was created. The US government is trying to bring  up espionage charges on wikileaks. Before they do that they need to bring themselves up on charges of espionage and conspiracy against the citizens of the United States.

down with big brother



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