Even When War Is Won, Everyone Loses

21 07 2010

For mankind, war has been a way of life for countless generations. War has been a means of aquiring teritory and rescources. Some wars are fought for power and control, and sometimes it was fought for the sure enjoyment of pillaging and plundering.Modern warfare if far more distructive and brutal than it had been in the past.

War is all about who wins and who loses. But who truly wins? No one. Who really loses? Every one. In war both sides of the conflict suffer drastically. Both sides lose troops. In an invasion, the invaded country suffers more Civilian casualties, then either sides armies. Both nations suffer Finacialy. Not to mention what war does to the environment. Wars create resentment between nations and cultures, that may last decades or even centuries, wich leads to more wars. Who ever said war leads to peace, was an Idiot. War does not create peace, it just creates more hatred and violonce. War doesn’t bring peace, peace brings peace. If you show kindness to others, they will show kindness towards you. If the result of war was peace, then we would have worrld peace right now. Saying that war leads to peace is double speak. It is like saying that slavery leads to freedom. When it comes to war, no matter Who wins,  everyone loses.



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