Censorship Wars

19 07 2010


 All popular media has at one time or another come under the  attack of government censorship, Music, movies, even video games. The internet on the other hand has been unscathed by the enemy called censorship, well, until now. The internet has been one of the few outlets for Alternative press, that’s the problem, from the governments point of View. The government is trying to pass a bill that will allow the executive branch to shut down the internet, if the president deems it a threat to national security. This is a sham. first of all, if the government is dumb enough to connect systems vital enough for national security to the internet, they need to shut themselves down, not the internet.

here is the definition of censorship

 Prevention of disturbing or painful thoughts or feelings from reaching consciousness except in a disguised form. 

   So, basicaly they are trying to control our thoughts by preventing information that they deem unfit from reaching our minds. This bill would also allow the NSA to monitor the internet without limitations. It would also allow the FCC to censor anything on the internet that they see as unfit for the audience(Translation: the Truth). I am sick of the Government trying to violate the constitution, as well as human rights. Facebook has already deleted prisonplanet.com’s official page, and youtube has deleted two of thier documentaries. And I dont want to here this crap aboutt giving up our freedoms so the government can protect us. I would ratherr be killed by a suicide bomber than give up my freedom. Who’s going to protect us from Washington. President Obama is Just continuing the policies of the Bush administration. Give me liberty or give me death!!




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