The Root Of All Evil ?

17 07 2010

I was reading a post on a blog here on word press. It was a “Christian” blog. In this Post, the writer said that the Root of all sin is(To christians sin and evil are Synonomous.) is autonomy. Autonomy? Is this guy Serious?             

below is the definition of Autonomy

independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions: the autonomy of the individual.
to say that thinking for our selves is the root of all evil is Preposterous. So If we blindly follow our Religious and Political leaders will make us free of sin?  On the contrary, the world is in the state of evil it is in because of lack of autonomy. To say that thinking for your self is the Root of all  sin is not ownly rediculous, it goes against the principles of Christianity, as well as scores of other faiths. Elsewhere in the  article It talks  about feeding the poor.
The author states that it is not enough to tend  the physicall needs without teaching them about Jesus. That’s a concept. Lets not feed the, give them bibles and thier hunger will dissapear. Who is to assume that the people  who are hungary or sick don’t Know about jesus? Religion doesnt solve the problem.

    I am basicaly writing this as an extended comment, since the author of the mentioned Author has banned me from writing comments   on his blog. I recently was banned from posting comments on a blog of another so called Christian blog . I my self never ban commenters, or erase comments because they dissagree with me, nomatter how ignorant and hostile they might be. That’s the problem with these blogers  that call themselves christians, yet preach un-Christlike Ideas. The minute you call them on thier bullshit, they turn into rabid wolves.  I have been called a heretic for writing articles that conflict with some ones believes, and have been accused of not reading the bible, because I donot agree with thier praticular interpretation of the bible.      Yet I still dont erase comments when they may discredit what I say. If you are on word press and you only publish comments that lean towards your views, then you are just showing how rediculous you are, and show that you are opposed to the truth. doing so you discredit yourself as being sincere.



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