Killing in the name of jesus

13 07 2010

I’m sick am tired of  all this talk about Islam being a violent religion. It’s kind of funny that before 911, people weren’t hating on muslims. We as Americans have let this Anti-Islam war propaganda turn us into monsters. Islam the most Violent religion? I think not. Lets look at the continent of Africa, one of the most violent continents. Contra to what most westerners think, the Majority religion is Christianity not Islam. Most of the Genocide carried out is in christian nations by christians, not Muslims. the demonization of Islam is a product of war propaganda. There  has to be a bad guy. First it was the indians(Who were slaughtered by a christian nation), then it was the Japs, then it was the communists, now it’s Muslims. We keep falling for the same scam time and time again.

If you want to point the fingers  at a religion for being violent take a look at history. More blood has been shed in the name of Jesus, than any other name. Does this make all christians killers? no but we will point the finger at others. To say that all muslims are violent, and terrorists is insane. Saying   that alqeada represents Islam, is like saying David Koresh, and Jim Jones represent Christianity. We need to stop the cycle of  Hate before it destroys us all.



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13 07 2010

Very well said!

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