Israel is at it again

11 07 2010

Contrary to what alot of americans believe, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has not gone on for thousans of years.It has been going on since the end of world war 2, when the current state of Israel was created. Israel is a state that is made up of mostly European Jews. Israel is a Ocupying force. Since Its creation, Israel has continued to force the Palestinians(The  original inhabitants) off of thier land by acts of war.

Recently Israel has begun to fence off a village in southern Jerusalem, cuting the village off from thier farm land. According to Israel, it is to protect Israel. Here’s the problem with that statement. In Jerusalem palestinians and Israelis are living in peace. So, what Is it Protecting israel from, peace? It seems like thier protecting Palestinian farmland frrom the farmers. It would appear that Israel has learned a lesson from the history of the Indian wars. If you cut off all means of self sustainment, they will have to do as you say ,  or starve to death. Yes, whats going on in palestineis a repeat of what the U.S. did to thee Native americans. That’s probably why we support Israel, because we did the same thing. Israel is a terrorist state. We as americans have the power to stop what is going on over there. We are probably thier last true ally. If we refused to support them if they didnt make things righht, Israel would do what we say.But as long as america supports Zionist terrorism, there will be no peace  in the middle east.



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