The Berlin Wall of Theology

26 06 2010

You may be baffled at the title of this article. I will explain. every one knows about the berlin wall. it was a wall that divided what was essentialy one people, and turned them into enemies. Religion also divides one people and divides them, and turns them against each other. Here I used the turn theology. This is because not only do the major religions separate us, but also different theologies within those religions. This is because of what I call the “I am right and you are wrong ” syndrome. Christians can’t get along with other christians, Muslims can’t get along with other muslims, hindu can’t get along with other Hindus. If we can’t get along with people with the same basic religious beliefs as us, How can we get along with people with different core beliefs?

Take christianity for example. If you put a bunch of preachers from different denominations together in the same room together, and have them discuss what it means to be a christian there would be a heated argument that would erupt into name calling, and possibly fist fights. You would essentially have christians acting very unChristian like. So of course  they wouldnt get along with Hindus, Muslims or even Budhists for that matter. We let our preconceptions get in the way of our spirital growth, and in the way of building a global comunity (or al local one). We are so busy pointing out the differences in our beliefs ,  that we failt to see the similarities. Instead of seeking peace like our spiritual teachers, we march off to war. Will the crusades ever end, or ar we all doomed.

mister minister, tear down this wall.

peace to you all.


Christopher Jay Thompson



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