The longest war

24 06 2010

this is a link to an ABC news article, if you need proof that the war in afghanistan is the longest war in American history.

The war in Afghanistan has surpassed the Vietnam war as the longest war in American history.

Yes, the Afghanistan war has lasted longer then Vietnam.

Obiviously we had smarter leaders back then(Which is sad, because they were morons) who at least Knew when to give up.

This objective of this war has changed drasticaly since when it started.

When we started this supposed war on terror , they told us we were going to get Bin Laden and rid Afghanistan of

Al Qaeda.

Bin laden got away and Al Qeada left Afghanistan.

Yet, we are still there.

We didn’t go in to fight the Taliban for control of the country.


We have Been lied to!! We have been Swindled.

President Obama Has turned out to be a Bush in sheeps clothing.

I am sick of being betrayed by souless politicians who time and time again get caught with thier hands in the Imperial cookie Jar.

today I saw Obama”s comment on the firing of McChrystal, he said, and I quote:

” He  underminds civilian control of the Military,”


Civillian control of the Military?

Dos Tha son of a bitch think that we are Idiots?

If civillians had any control of the military all of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan would be coming home today.

Does he not Know that an outstanding majority of americans are against  both of the wars?

If there was civillian control of the military, then how come we never even get to vote on whether our country goes to war?

Mr. President, you can kiss my ass!!!!!!

Power to the people





2 responses

25 06 2010

wow, emmalovely, you have enlightened me.
Now I Know that You brits are as full of shit as us Yanks.
No, a typical dumb Yank thinks just like you.
you make a good ally to big brother.

25 06 2010

typical dumb yank

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